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How we achieved 562.500 total post views from Spotify playlist promotion on Reddit

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The problem

An artist and music producer reached out to us, struggling to promote his music. He is producing all types of music, primarily workout and motivational, blending electronic sounds with orchestral instruments to create a cinematic experience.

He was primarily looking for more exposure, as well as more Spotify listeners and followers. He was doing all marketing activities himself and was struggling to see any quantified results from his actions. It was also very difficult to dedicate more time for promoting his music, while producing it.

The solution


We always start with a thorough research phase, to be able to properly and efficiently create an action plan. He wanted to target the Reddit audience, so we researched which subreddits would be the most suitable for him and found 5 great fits. 


Once the client agreed to our proposal, we quickly executed the campaigns, to help him promote his music asap. All campaigns were closely monitored for a better understanding of campaign behavior, as well as advanced reporting in the next phase. We launched 5 campaigns in total on Reddit, targeting the best subreddits within his niche, to gain as much exposure as possible and get him more traffic to his Spotify account.

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After thorough research, we were able to create a personalized plan/proposal. The plan was based on starting a discussion and engaging with the audience on Reddit, to gain more exposure around his music. We decided to go with 5 highly engaging campaigns within the 5 subreddits we analyzed. The proposal has been sent to a client and briefly explained, for better understanding of our plans and goals.

Reporting and analysis

Each campaign is presented to a client with advanced reporting and overall results of the campaign. In this case, we run 5 campaigns in almost 2 months. The best campaign got over 240k views on Reddit! We managed to achieve impressive results over a period of 53 days. We helped the music producer to increase his exposure and get him more Spotify plays.

The outcome

Here’s what we did
  • We researched and compiled 5 top subreddits to promote his brand
  • Outlined and wrote natural-looking posts directly mentioning him or his brand
  • Used our network of aged, subreddit-active accounts to add comments
  • Monitored posts and added upvotes, downvotes, more comments & anything else we thought the post needed to succeed
  • Delivered detailed reports about our progress and what we’ve done
Summary of all 7 campaigns in total:
  • 1566 total upvotes
  • 800 total comments
  • 562.500 total post views
  • 150 total post shares
  • Posts reached 1st spot on the Hot Page for more than 10 hours

I’m very glad I outsourced the promotion part to Signals, as I found it difficult to do it myself. They helped me gain more exposure and got people actually discussing my music, which is a great way for me to grow and produce even better music.


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