This month’s topic

This month will be the last #M4NP Twitter chat under that name. Don’t fret- we’re not sunsetting our Mobile for Nonprofits initiative, but we are going to host our biweekly twitter chats under the same hashtag- #SM4NP. We don’t want to dilute our audience, message, or reach by using two hashtags, so will stick to our branded hashtag in the future.

So join us for our last #M4NP Twitter chat on mobile email for nonprofits on Monday, July 27th at 1-2 pm EST. Because mobile makes the web more immediate, nonprofits can harness support more quickly. We’ll be exploring best practices for nonprofit emails in a mobile web, including how nonprofits can harness that immediacy for change.

The questions

Q1: How is mobile affecting email consumption?

Q2: What are the best practices of nonprofit emails in a mobile landscape?

Q3: What are your best tips for writing subject lines that will get read?

Q4: What call to actions can nonprofits use to reach out to mobile users?

Q5: What are the analytics that determine email success?


Help amplify the chat beforehand on Twitter by RTing or tweeting about the chat. Follow @SM4Nonprofits on Twitter to stay connected. Find the chat by searching on Twitter for #M4NP (or an alternative site for tweetchats like

During the chat, we will start with welcomes and icebreakers, and then lead the discussion with 5 or 6 thoughtful questions through our handle @SM4Nonprofits.


You’ll answer Q1 with A1, and Q2 with A2. Always include the hashtag- either #M4NP or #SM4NP. Feel free to talk to others in the chat, ask questions, get sidetracked, be thoughtful, and be social.