What goals can nonprofits reach by paying for ads on Social?

There are some benefits that nonprofits can gain from paying for ads on social media and elsewhere. How to decide if it’s for you? Join us for at #SM4NP, our bi-weekly chat on Twitter on Friday, September 25th at 1 pm EST.

We’ve invited our partners and experts to share resources, advice and more with our community. This week we’re pleased Lyndal Cairns and Marcia Silva are joining us.

The questions

Q1: How to decide whether to stay “organic” or pay to boost your social posts?

Q2: How do you gauge if your paid social campaign was successful?

Q3: What are best practices for finding your target audience with paid advertising?

Q4: What are the differences between paying for the impression or click in social ads (CPM vs. CPC)?

Q5: How can nonprofits get free advertising?

Q6: How can for-profit companies better support the nonprofit industry in their marketing?

Q7: How to optimize your ads based on analytics?



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During the chat, we will start with welcomes and icebreakers, and then lead the discussion with 5  thoughtful questions through our handle @SM4Nonprofits.

You’ll answer Q1 with A1, and Q2 with A2. Always include the hashtag  #SM4NP. Feel free to talk to others in the chat, ask questions, get sidetracked, be thoughtful, and be social.

After the chat will be a social hour, wherein people can talk amongst themselves, so bring your questions to that!


  1. SLIDES: How UNICEF Translates Trends and Insights into Community Growth with Facebook Ads – From #SM4NP
  2. The Value of a PSA Program – By Julia McDowell of Williams Whittle
  3. Guide to Effective Facebook Ads for Nonprofits – By ActionSprout
  4. PODCAST: Getting Started with Facebook Advertising – On The Marketing Agents with John Haydon
  5. Five Costly Facebook Ad Mistakes You Can Fix with this Checklist – By John Haydon
  6. Facebook Ads: Are they right for your nonprofit? – By Julia Campbell
  7. Do Nonprofits Really Limit Advertising Because of Pressure to Cut Overhead? – By Brian Mittendorf on NPQ
  8. SLIDES: What Would Facebook Do: Using Ads to Test Your Messages – By Marcia Silva at #SM4NP SV
  9. VIDEO: The Way We Think About Charity is Dead Wrong – TED Talk with Dan Pallotta


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