This week’s #SM4NP twitter chat is meta; it’s a twitter chat on twitter chats! Specifically, how can nonprofits use this tool most effectively to drive fundraising, advocacy, and community building? Join us on Friday, August 14th at 1-2 pm EST with co-host Jo Miller @jm_grants from #Grantchat and featured guests @SaludToday, @fundchat, @livegoode, @genchat, @OurParents & @womenofteal & @btrfly12 of @gyncsm. A large group of people to share their insights on hosting these things so that YOUR nonprofit can go ahead and start one today! They are incredibly fun avenues that nonprofits can use to drive meaningful engagement.


  • Q1: What should nonprofits realize before they start their own Twitter chats? #SM4NP
  • Q2: How can Twitter chat organizers ask questions that people want to answer? #SM4NP
  • Q3: What are the best ways to recruit attendants? #SM4NP
  • Q4: What are your tips to keep people engaged for the whole length of the chat? #SM4NP
  • Q5: How can Twitter chats help nonprofits?


  • Help amplify the chat beforehand on Twitter by RTing or tweeting about the chat. Follow @SM4Nonprofits on Twitter to stay connected.
  • Find the chat by searching on Twitter for #SM4NP or #M4NP (or an alternative site for tweetchats like
  • During the chat, we will start with welcomes and icebreakers, and then lead the discussion with 5  thoughtful questions through our handle @SM4Nonprofits.
  • Answer Q1 with A1, and Q2 with A2. Always include the hashtag  #SM4NP. Feel free to talk to others in the chat, ask questions, get sidetracked, be thoughtful, and be social.