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Product Hunt launch: how a client became the Product of the day and got over 1,200 new users from their launch

Discover the surprising rise of a newly launched product that swiftly climbed the ranks to become the product of the day during a very busy day while getting 1,200 new users.

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SaaS converting Figma designs into code

An ambitious team of tech enthusiasts launched their unique solution on Product Hunt, aiming to stand out in a competitive crowd and capture as much attention and engagement as possible.

The problem

Like many others, our client faced the common struggle of being drowned out in the sea of innovation on Product Hunt.

Their goal was to get to the top and become product of the day. They didn’t have much time to promote their launch beforehand and weren’t sure on how to execute it properly.

The solution


Our Product Hunt upvote service offered the product developer a lifeline. We provided the client with our capabilities and he quickly decided to move ahead and leave it up to us.


We delivered all 250 upvotes in total in a natural speed, while monitoring other products at the same time.

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Based on our research, we proposed details on how many upvotes they should be getting, upvote delivery speed, monitoring the competition and pinging the client with updates in realtime.


Our service sparked an engagement wildfire. After our initial boost, the product continued to attract attention and upvotes, and achieved their goal.

The outcome

The launch received an award “product of the day”, which was the client’s main goal. On top of that, the client received over 1,200 new users!

They received 17 5 star reviews, over 1,000 followers and 162 comments, which is a huge success considering they didn’t spend much time to prepare for the launch.

The client was very happy with he results 🙂

“We are very happy that we achieved our goal and so many new users joined our platform. You were very helpful, thanks“


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