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5 years, 10,000+ customers. Our team has worked across industries and delivered world-class results across social media networks.

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    I was hesitate if an external agency is able to help me promote my Twitch stream but I was very happy with the results. They spent first month testing different platforms and then run advanced campaign that worked out perfectly!


    Amazing results on our first campaign with Signals. Onboarding was flawless and clear, as well as communication from their team.


    I tried several Twitch promotion services before but they were very limited and didn’t personalize it to my needs. Signals was an exact opposite and personalized all three campaigns exactly for my brand and the results were great.


    Clear communication from their team. It was very easy to understand what and how they want to do it and they also provided me with great reporting afterwards.


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When you buy Twitch followers, you risk getting spammed or wasting your money as Twitch deletes suspicious activities. You can even end up getting banned.

With Signals you are safe. We’ve helped 100,000+ brands and influencers gain millions of followers.

5 years, 10,000+ customers. Our team has worked across industries and delivered world-class results across social media networks.

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Frequently asked

We will provide relevant and high-quality content that brings value to your audience, engage with them across different channels, such as Reddit, Quora or even blog posts. All content will be focusing on bringing traffic to your Twitch account, but offer them value in return.

Every Twitch user will say yes. In order to succeed with Twitch, you need to grow and promote your account. You can either do it yourself and leave it to marketing professionals who will deal with time consuming stuff that nobody likes or know how to do.

That depends on your profile, audience, actions, level of engagement and so on. By understanding the platform and being proactive, you can achieve growth on Twitch much faster than others, but it will probably take a couple of weeks, sometimes even months. The more value you bring, the faster you will grow. We will help you promote your Twitch stream to achieve your goals!

Ideally, where your target audience is. Every social media platform is unique in terms of its offering and its audience. If you are unsure which platform might be suitable to promote your Twitch stream, schedule a call and we will help you out.

Twitch is a slightly different platform than the rest of them out there. It is primarily focused on visual aspects and therefore, you need to provide visually appealing content to your streamers. It is also important to support your visuals with high-quality audio. In most cases, growing your Twitch stream over time can be achieved by following the previously mentioned aspects and creating something unique that will create the “wow” effect.