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Beat the algorithm & get to the top

Beat the algorithm & get to the top

Learn about how our comment service helps your content rank better than anyone else.

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How it works

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Fill in the form with all details of content you would like to share through our accounts

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Accept only the best comments for your content

Aged, niche-relevant and US-based Reddit accounts mean that your content gets promoted to your audience

Designed for projects of all shapes & sizes

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Our comments are posted from aged accounts with relevant history, by real Reddit users. We have a wide variety of Reddit accounts from different industries, to target subreddits that are actually valuable to your niche.

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SaaS & ecommerce

Get your launch bumping across Reddit

Onlyfans & NSFW

Get your adult content seen by your potential clients.

Crypto & blockchain

Get your token or project to the top of crypto subreddits

Twitch streams

Whether it’s a bathtub stream or a checkers speedrun, promote your passion on Reddit.

Music & MV’s

Share your mix and music videos with the world. Get seen u0026 capture your audience.

Arts & crafts

Made a thing and proud of it? Share it with the world and get discovered.


Get your podcast episodes out in front of communities that care

Youtube videos

Every video has someone looking for it. Find that someone on Reddit.


Made a Discord or Subreddit and want to get seen? Promote it!

What others say about Signals.

    Very helpful, I wasn’t very clear on what I was asking for but they figured it out for me and the customer service was amazing, I gave them the wrong order number and they still figured out what I was trying to ask!


    Super dedicated to their work, especially with directions and support. Team is legit, with outstanding customer service. Definitely a customer for life.

    Bankish App

    The chat agent stayed with me for 3.5 hours in the chat, clearing all my (sometimes silly and over-checking) questions, as it was my first experience with Reddit services and soar. The suspended account that I received at first was quickly replaced with the other one, working now. The agent did not show any mistrust or disrespect in this situation. Reynold, you need a pay raise!

    Pavlo Yozh

    They’ve always gone above and beyond for me. I’m very happy I found their services

    Lilian Ti

Buy Reddit upvotes

It wouldn’t be a Reddit marketing service without buying Reddit upvotes. Your brand needs positive comments on Reddit and getting upvotes is boosting Reddit algorithm. Your Reddit post is seen by more users, more likely to engage with your brand.

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Buying comments made easy

You only need to share the Reddit post link and fill in a few more details to complete the order. Our live chat team is always here to help you and guide you through the process. Order progress can be monitored through our dashboard with order details.

Get additional comments to your Reddit posts to go viral on Reddit.

Safety built into every order

Low quality signals increase the chance of having your account, brand or project flagged by moderators and admins. All our services come with a manual layer of review to ensure that the signals we provide are reasonable.

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A guarantee you can rely on again & again

Best-in-class comments, meet best-in-class service. The Signals guarantee means that you can trust that if anything goes, we’ll help you out and refund your money. (Almost) no questions asked.

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The Signals Guarantee ❤️

1. We’ll automatically process refunds in certain cases – like if a post gets removed while we’re still delivering.rnrn2. We can’t process upvote orders on old Reddit posts.rnrn3. Any customers who charges back will be permanently blacklisted.

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Buying Reddit comments made easy

Buying comments is super easy with Signals. Just choose how many you need, fill out more details and get them within a few minutes. You can manage all your orders through our dashboard and reach out to support if you have any questions.

Our Reddit marketing service is built just for you!

Buying Reddit comments made easy

Buying comments is super easy with Signals. Just choose how many you need, fill out more details and get them within a few minutes. You can manage all your orders through our dashboard and reach out to support if you have any questions.

Our Reddit marketing service is built just for you!

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Frequently asked questions

Reddit comments help boost your posts and start fiery discussions. The more interaction you get on your thread, the higher the chance you reach the hot pages. 

The same rules apply to comments and upvotes. We’ll deliver it 30mins to an hour if it’s a normal order but with a rush order add-on, we guarantee to deliver it within the first 30 mins upon placement. 

The number of comments should depend on how many active users on a subreddit by the time you post and the number of upvotes your post got so far. To make it look organic, it should match or be less of those factors. If you’re unsure how many comments you’ll order contact us through chat.

We use different accounts for every Reddit comment requested in an order. If you’d like to post multiple comments using a single account, please reach out to our live chat support to customize your order. 

We diversify the accounts that will be upvoting and commenting on posts, our accounts are aged from 1 month to 7 years. We also use different sets of accounts categorized by niche to make sure it aligns with the topic we will be commenting in.

If you’re unsatisfied with your order for any reason, please reach out to our live chat – we’ll make it right.

We process our orders based on the time it was placed and purchased. We currently do not cater advance orders but you can opt into our ‘Rush order’ if you need the votes within 30 minutes. 

Our current maximum comment capacity is 54 comments using unique accounts. If you need more comments, please reach out to our live chat support to check if we have an extra available account by the time you request.

The ‘Rush Order’ add-on means that the order you place will not be queued and will start the delivery of initial upvotes within 30 minutes. We will prioritize your order among the current orders at the time of your purchase.

This means that you can order extra upvotes or downvotes by this add-on, whether on the post itself, the comments of the post, or the competing comments of the ordered URL. We will moderate the comments on a post. Sending upvotes to comments that we think will help boost the post then downvotes for comments that will negatively affect it.

Giving an Award, or “gilding”, is a way to show appreciation for an exceptional contribution to Reddit. You can award someone by clicking on “Give Award” below their post or comment. This distinguishes it with an Award for all to see, and some even grant the honoree special bonus benefits

Instead of only receiving upvotes on your post (which might be suspicious to subreddit moderators at times), you will get an additional 15% downvotes on top of the total upvotes you want to order. For example, if you want to place an order for 200 upvotes, 15% of it (30 downvotes) will be added on top of it.

An add-on service to upvotes wherein customers can request a link, text, image, or a video to be posted in a particular subreddit through one of our own aged Reddit accounts.