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Product Hunt launch: how an app achieved #3 daily ranking on the platform

Thinking about launching on Product Hunt? Read on to see how this project accomplished a #3 daily ranking on the platform with our help.

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product hunt launch
A native Mac/Windows app

Founded by a researcher, who was struggling to work with a bunch of documents and didn’t like how it worked. He came up with a simple solution that wasn’t on the market yet and built the platform that is easy to work with and helps other individuals, as well as businesses.

The problem

The client reached out looking for help with their Product Hunt launch. They were unsure what should be done and how to achieve the results they were aiming for.

Their goal was to rank in the top 5 of the daily ranking, but they knew this will be very challenging to accomplish.

Luckily, they notified us in advance, so we were well-prepared 😉

The solution


We started with a research period to better understand the product and how it fits into the competitive landscape. This helped us dig in and plan our campaign better.


The client was excited about the approach, so we quickly finalized everything started shortly after. They started with a pre-launch and everything went from there.

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Based on our research, we proposed details on when they should be launching their product on the platform and what time we should start engaging with their product.


We delivered a report after the execution and talked to the client on how was the overall experience, as well as what daily rank they accomplished.

The outcome

The Product Hunt campaign achieved the #3 daily ranking on the platform, which was a huge success for them, considering other products being launched at that day.

We followed our proven strategies to deliver high-quality Product Hunt upvotes, without compromising the quality of the service and risking the client’s launch.

The client was happy, and reported that they believed we were a huge driver of success for the campaign. 🙂

It's awesome! I'm really happy with what you guys have done it's really amazing 🙂 Thank you so much, it helped get our words out there and get noticed. I'll definitely come back to use the other services you offer. Thank you, from a very happy customer.


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