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Reddit marketing: how a client joined thousands of discussions within a high-traffic subreddit

Learn about a client’s journey who, for the past four years, has used our Reddit DIY Services to shape discussions and create a compelling presence within a high-traffic subreddit.

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Reddit marketer

An active Reddit user who is dedicated to promoting engaging animated content within a specific subreddit known for its lively discussions and high user activity.

The problem

Maintaining a constant, positive presence, promoting engaging discussions, and navigating competition in a high-traffic subreddit where thousands of discussions unfold daily.

The solution


Engaging with the client, we identified his unique needs, including the specific services required, how frequently, and the nature of the content he was promoting.


Over time, we’ve executed a three-fold strategy that has included boosting upvotes, managing competition through downvotes, and creating lively discussions via comments on his posts.

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Based on our research, we proposed a Reddit campaign that centered around sharing enticing videos of the product our client had created.


Having fulfilled more than 3000 orders for the client in the past four years, our team continues to provide him with the necessary services to ensure his content gains the right attention in the subreddit.

The outcome

The strategic use of our services has led to the client successfully establishing and maintaining a powerful presence within the subreddit.

This has further led to his content being consistently at the forefront of discussions, driving user engagement and participation.

“I’ve been using Reddit DIY for years now and it is now an essential part of my strategy. Honestly, I can't see my posts getting the traction without their help”


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