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Reddit marketing: how we delivered custom accounts in a short period of time

Learn how we efficiently delivered 20 tailor-made Reddit accounts to meet our client’s unique promotional needs. This case study highlights our capacity for rapid delivery, customization, and unwavering client support.

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Reddit marketer

A strategic business representative aiming to interact with GenZ audiences on Reddit for business promotion.

The problem

The need for a reliable service that could supply multiple custom-made Reddit accounts suitable for targeted interaction in university-specific subreddits.

The solution


Understanding the client’s unique needs, we discussed the specifics of his order, including the desired niche, the type of accounts, and quantity.


We prepared 20 Reddit accounts focusing on GenZ audiences, ensuring none had any engagements in NSFW subreddits. These accounts were perfect for client’s plan to engage in university-specific subreddits related to his business.

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Based on our research, we proposed a Reddit campaign that centered around sharing enticing videos of the product our client had created.


We promptly delivered the accounts, providing the client with comprehensive instructions to secure and use the accounts effectively. We promptly addressed all his queries, ensuring a smooth transaction from payment to delivery.

The outcome

Daniel received all 20 accounts as per his requirements and was pleased with our service.

Our rapid and comprehensive support allowed him to swiftly start implementing his Reddit strategy.

"Your site and service are really smart. Quick, professional, and tailored to my needs. The accounts are exactly what I was looking for. Thanks again, I'll be back when I need more."


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