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How a lo-fi producer gained 30,000 streams on a new track

Trying to get your music out there? Read on to see how this producer got feedback on his tracks and drove new followers and listeners into his orbit.

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Lo-fi producer

An up-and-coming producer from Belgium who specializes in combining chill and lo-wi music. His music was cinematic and often used for relaxing, studying and focus.

The problem

A Belgian based music producer was looking for unique ways to promote his new song on Spotify. His main goals were to acquire real fans of his music and be promoted in popular playlists, all for a reasonable price. 

He produces lo-fi / chill music, which is a very popular genre all around the world, but is slightly more difficult to promote than others. That’s why he decided to outsource the actual promotion to us and we worked closely on inserting his new track into one of the best lo-fi / chill playlist on Spotify.

The solution


We always start with a thorough research phase, to be able to properly and efficiently create an action plan. He wanted to target a specific Spotify audience with an expected number of 10,000 – 15,000 streams. We researched which tactics are the most effective and suitable for this campaign and started working on it right away. 


The execution was based on inserting his song into one of the most popular lo-fi playlists on Spotify and to basically test and monitor the effectiveness. We agreed to run the first campaign as a test campaign to see the outcomes possible from this approach and we updated the client along the way. The campaign ran for 6 weeks in total with 2 weeks research and proposal phases. 

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After thorough research, we were able to create a personalized plan/proposal for the client. We agreed to run a test campaign, focusing on one specific playlist that should be the most fitting for his kind of music and his new song. The proposal was explained in detail, as well as expected outcomes. 


The overall results of the campaign were presented to the client, as well as evaluation of his Spotify analytics data. Instead of expected 10,000 – 15,000 streams, the client achieved 30,000 streams within the 6 weeks the campaign ran. 

The outcome

  1. We researched and compiled top playlists to promote his song to.
  2. Chose one most suitable playlist.
  3. Used our wide network of partners to insert his music into that playlist.
  4. Monitored the progress of the campaign and disclosed it to the client.
  5. Collaborated closely with the client on what other options we can do in the next campaign, based on the data we gathered. 

  • 30,000+ Spotify streams
  • 18,000+ listeners
  • 29 saves

I’m very glad I outsourced the promotion part to Signals, as I found it difficult to do it myself. They helped me gain more exposure and got people actually discussing my music, which is a great way for me to grow and produce even better music.


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