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Reddit promotion: how a kickstarter campaign raised over $350,000

Thinking about a community marketing approach for a crowdfunding campaign? Read on to see how this project drove more than $350,000 with help from a Reddit marketing strategy.

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Crowdfunding product studio

A team of product builders that specialized in building niche ecommerce products and raising funding for them on crowdfunding platforms.

The products were mainly office knick-knacks and collectibles.

The problem

The client reached out looking for help promoting their latest product on Kickstarter. They were planning a 60 day marketing campaign for their latest release and needed a team to lead the reddit side.

They had a 60 day campaign on Kickstarter, followed by a 60 day campaign on Indiegogo.

Plenty of time to run a campaign on Reddit 😉

The solution


We started with a research period to better understand the product and how it fits into the competitive landscape. This helped us dig in and plan our campaign better.


The client was excited about the approach, and we got started shortly after agreeing on a scope & quote.

During execution, we made sure to seed the threads with content to ensure we hit the top of every subreddit we targeted.

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Based on our research, we proposed a Reddit campaign that centered around sharing enticing videos of the product our client had created.


We collaborated with the client within Slack and presented a report of work done across Reddit along with impression data.

The outcome

The campaign lasted a total of 120 days across Indiegogo and Kickstarter. 

We posted threads across Reddit and drove buyers to the kickstarter in the comments.

The posts racked up more than 1,000,000 views and got spread to dozens of other platforms.

The threads got shared a total of 2688 times. This includes crossposts and shares to other social networks.

The client was happy, and reported that they believed we were a huge driver of success for the campaign. 

It’s going really well thank you! Our campaign has got off to a stunning start, raising over $350,000 in the first couple of days. We’re one of the most popular projects on the platform at the moment.


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