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Spotify promotion: How an electronic producer got feedback on his tracks

Trying to get your music out there? Read on to see how this producer got feedback on his tracks and drove new followers and listeners into his orbit.

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Electronic producer

An up-and-coming producer who specialized in motivating, energetic music that blended electronic and orchestral sounds.

His music was cinematic and often used as workout music by his listeners.

The problem

The producer was looking to get exposure for his work, he was hoping to grow an audience on Spotify as well as get feedback and direction from more experienced musicians. He was doing all marketing activities himself and was struggling to see any quantified results from his actions. He felt he had no time to promote his music and reached out to us.

The solution


We started with a research period. We listened to his tracks and looked up communities that seemed like they might be a fit. Tbh he had a unique sound so this was pretty fun. ๐Ÿ™‚

We came up with a list of ideas and later used them in our planning.


We got started shortly after agreeing on a scope & quote.

During execution, we made sure to seed the threads with content to ensure we hit the top of every subreddit we targeted.

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Based on our research, we proposed a Reddit campaign that centered around sharing his music to communities.


We collaborated with the client within Slack and presented a report of work done across Reddit along with impression data.

The outcome

The campaign lasted a total of 6 weeks across Reddit

We posted threads across Reddit and solicited feedback as well as shared the spotify playlist.

The posts racked up more than 562,000 views from electronic music fans and got spread to dozens of other platforms.

The threads got shared a total of 164 times. This includes crossposts and shares to other social networks.

The client was happy and reported that they got a measurable boost of followers and listeners. More importantly, they were excited that they got positive feedback that helped them improve their next tracks.

Iโ€™m very glad I outsourced the promotion part to Signals, as I found it difficult to do it myself. They helped me gain more exposure and got people actually discussing my music, which is a great way for me to grow and produce even better music.


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