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Product Hunt launch: how chrome extension received over 1,000 upvotes and 160 comments on the platform

Discover the surprising rise of a newly launched product that swiftly climbed the ranks to become one of the top picks of the day on Product Hunt. This story reveals how smart timing and simple boosts can create a snowball effect, leading to a remarkable total of 1,402 upvotes and 169 engaging comments.

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Product developer in a competitive space

An ambitious product developer launched their unique solution on Product Hunt, aiming to stand out in a competitive crowd and capture as much attention and engagement as possible.

The problem

Like many others, our client faced the common struggle of being drowned out in the sea of innovation on Product Hunt.

They aimed to not only increase their product’s visibility but also ignite a spark that would keep their momentum going.

The solution


Our Product Hunt upvote service offered the product developer a lifeline. We worked together to set up a plan that would strategically boost their product with an initial 100 upvotes to grab attention.


Within a span of just three hours, we delivered the 100 upvotes, increasing the product’s total upvotes from 210 to 405. This also led to an improvement in their daily ranking from 4th to 3rd place.

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Based on our research, we proposed details on when they should be launching their product on the platform and what time we should start engaging with their product.


Our service sparked an engagement wildfire. After our initial boost, the product continued to attract attention and upvotes, culminating in a staggering 1,402 total upvotes.

The outcome

The product’s upvotes dramatically increased from an initial 210 to a final count of 1,402.

Its daily ranking improved from 4th place to end the day as the 3rd “Product of the Day”.

The post generated a total of 169 comments, demonstrating the vibrant community interaction and interest in the product.

“The service provided the initial push my product needed, sparking a chain reaction of engagement and boosting my ranking. Seeing my product shoot up the ranks was a real thrill.“


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