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How it works

At Signals we are passionate about delivering your message across to the right audience.

Step one

A quick call to understand your mission and goals.

Step two

Research & planning for
us to explore the opportunities available.

Step three

Growth, delivered on
autopilot through our social media managers.

Instagram growth tactics we use


Hone your audience down to only the audience that is genuinely interested in your brand and niche


Eventually, follow & unfollow accounts that are interested in your profile


Likes that build relationships with accounts in your vertical


Optimize your profile to better achieve your goals


Leave comments and support the community you build


Participate in the hashtags and geotags which your audience vibes with.

From a proven
team of social media growth experts

5 years, 10,000+ customers. Our team has worked across industries and delivered world-class results across social media networks.

What others say about Signals.

    Guys at Signals helped me grow my brand on Instagram by 445% in first 3 months. I really enjoyed observing them in action and monitoring the fast growth on my Instagram profile.


    I got great results from their campaigns. Finally the service that was worth it and the team was super nice and professional. They knew exactly what to do.


    I was skeptical about Instagram growth as everyone says something else and the results are usually whack. Sick results from only one campaign they run for me and I'm already discussing next campaign with them.


    It was difficult to grow my handmade home appliances profile on Instagram but it seemed so easy for them. My hobby is slowly converting into my main revenue stream and I'm ready to take it to the next level.


Better than buying

When you buy Instagram followers, you risk getting spammed or wasting your money as Instagram deletes suspicious activities. You can even end up getting banned.

With Signals you are safe. We’ve helped 100,000+ brands and influencers gain millions of followers.

5 years, 10,000+ customers. Our team has worked across industries and delivered world-class results across social media networks.

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Frequently Asked

You work on producing content and we will take care of the rest –  the more time consuming part. To boost the Instagram algorithm and increase your brand awareness, we will follow other accounts in your niche, write high-quality and relevant comments and like other relevant profiles

If you want to get something out of Instagram, then absolutely! Growing your Instagram profile is more important than ever before. Competition is tougher, as well as the Instagram algorithm. You need to grow your profile and engage with your audience to achieve true growth.

That depends on your profile, audience, actions, level of engagement and so on. On average, brands expect to see growth of approximately 4-8%. We recommend aiming for 6% over time to sustainably grow your Instagram profile. 

Note: If you haven’t been active on Instagram before and then start posting and engaging, you will most likely see much higher % than 6-8. 

That really depends on your niche. However, it is always a good idea to be present on several platforms to reach a wider audience and grow your community there. That might be really time consuming, so we recommend scheduling a call with us to find out which channels might be the best option for you and how we can help you grow.

Instagram, as any other social media platform, requires continuity and activity. Meaning, you need to be active, post, share, comment, like and more, to provide value to your audience and boost the Instagram algorithm. You don’t have to spend 24 hours a day on Instagram, but rather find an easy solution to create something valuable and fairly “easy” to create. Continue doing that, help others and your community on Instagram will grow.