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At Signals we are passionate about delivering your message across to the right audience.

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Hone your audience down to only the audience that is genuinely interested in your profile and niche


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5 years, 10,000+ customers. Our team has worked across industries and delivered world-class results across social media networks.

What others say about Signals.

    Guys from Signals managed to grow my TikTok account by 238% with only two campaigns. Super happy for the results and we are already planning to run a few more.


    I was really struggling to grow my TikTok until I found Signals. It was so easy to understand the process and expected outcomes as well as very helpful reporting that helped me get a better overview of what was actually happening.


    Their TikTok growth service helped me increase my followers by 160%, as well as tons of likes, engagement and awareness. I also got two partnerships out of this growth, which helped me increase the number of revenue streams.


    My TikTok grew very fast after the first two campaigns they run. I wasn’t sure how they want to do that at first but I really like their transparency and communication all the way through.


Better than buying

When you buy Tiktok followers, you risk getting spammed or wasting your money as Tiktok deletes suspicious activities. You can even end up getting banned.

With Signals you are safe. We’ve helped 100,000+ brands and influencers gain millions of followers.

5 years, 10,000+ customers. Our team has worked across industries and delivered world-class results across social media networks.

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Frequently Asked

We will provide your profile with the right amount of likes and followers, engage with your community and promote your profile on other channels to reach your target audience.

TikTok has been among top platforms in 2021 and 2022 to grow your brand and provide value or entertainment. People want to consume short videos and it is the best time to take advantage of that.

That depends on your profile, audience, actions, level of engagement and so on. By understanding the platform and being proactive, you can achieve growth on TikTok much faster than others, but it will probably take some time to see the results. The more unique and creative content you create, the higher chances you have to succeed.

TikTok alone can bring you tons of traction and brand awareness. Focus on improving your TikTok presence, instead of trying to be everywhere and failing. However, it is highly recommended to support your TikTok presence with additional channels to bring even more traction. If you don’t have much time to spare, outsource it to the professionals, who will help you grow your brand on other platform/s, such as ourselves.

Similarly to other platforms out there, you need to be creative and “interesting” for other people. You can grow your TikTok profile if you produce good content, but it may start stagnating over time if you keep producing the same content over and over again. Try around different things, ask people what they want to see, join current trends and be there for them. By following these TikTok tips, it is almost guaranteed that you will keep growing your TikTok profile over time.