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Tiktok promotion tactics we use


Get a customized TikTok promotion strategy that fits your content & audience


Get your videos seen on other popular social media channels to reach even more potential fans


Have your video/s go viral and on top of the most popular relevant communities


Get shoutouts from influencers in your industry

Best TikTok promotion services

Have your TikTok video go viral and become one of the most popular TikTok influencers out there. Our TikTok promotion service will promote videos with a goal to reach TikTok accounts that are the most relevant to your niche. This will maximize the outcomes of campaigns and boost your TikTok presence.

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TikTok ads targeting

In order to drive more users into your TikTok account or you want to drive more website visits, you need to use our advertising tool. We will run targeted ads to reach a specific group of users within your niche and get you more followers. For any of your future campaigns, you should know how you want to promote public videos. If you don’t, we got you covered!

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5 years, 10,000+ customers. Our team has worked across industries and delivered world-class results across social media networks.

What others say about Signals.

    I didn’t know how to promote my TikTok account and get more eyes on my content. After the call they proposed several very interesting ideas and the first campaign was already a great success. Will see what happens with other campaigns.


    Exactly what we expected, even better. We achieved lots of traction with our TikTok videos across several online platforms and grew our followers by 30% in one week.


    It is hard to measure how much my account has grown, as I run more campaigns at the same time but I definitely got the most traction from Signals campaign.


    Happy to see positive results from a campaign, as I tried several providers and none of them was able to achieve that. Finally found a partner to work with!

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TikTok promote feature for all creators

Every TikTok creator needs to use creator tools to get additional specs from your account. I bet when you create videos, you aim to gain followers and increase brand awareness. Your organic video will most likely not get as much reach as you would hope for, so we highly recommend TikTok’s promote feature to boost your videos and go viral on TikTok!

Better than buying

When you buy TikTok followers, you risk getting spammed or wasting your money as TikTok deletes suspicious activities. You can even end up getting banned.

With Signals you are safe. We’ve helped 100,000+ brands and influencers gain millions of followers.

5 years, 10,000+ customers. Our team has worked across industries and delivered world-class results across social media networks.

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Frequently asked

There are several options on how we can promote you. We can run targeted ads on TikTok but also on other social media platforms. We can work with influencers to promote your brand or your videos in front of their audience. We can naturally promote your TikTok account or TikTok videos (TikToks) on other social media channels to increase the reach and bring more traction to your TikTok profile.

Absolutely! It is very beneficial to promote your TikTok to attract more people to your profile and increase your reach. The more traffic you drive to your profile and your videos, the bigger the audience you will build.

That depends on your profile, audience, actions, level of engagement and so on. By understanding the platform and being proactive, you can achieve growth on TikTok much faster than others, but it will probably take some time. The more value you bring and the more creative you are, the faster you will grow. We will help you promote your TikTok profile to achieve your goals!

Ideally, where your target audience is. Every social media platform is unique in terms of its offering and its audience. If you are unsure which platform might be suitable to promote your TikTok videos, schedule a call and we will help you out.

Many TikTokers achieve “fame” or “hype” for a short period of time but then they stop producing content and lose it. In order to grow over time, you need to keep being active and entertain or provide value to your followers. It will also help you get seen by other non-followers and attract them to your profile.