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Submit songs to independent Spotify playlists

Submit your music to our database and get a chance to be featured in one of our Spotify playlists for free. We work with the best musicians out there, so we might reach out to you with a proposal if we see your song going viral.

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By submitting your music to us, you get a chance to get highlighted by our team of experts and get a professional help. We might also add your song into one of our many playlists for free! On top of that, we might use your song for pitching to curators, promotion test campaigns and more, which can only bring you plays and convert them into actual fans.

Absolutely not! Our music submission system is totally FREE.

It doesn’t. We will store the song in our database and might use it for our internal research and promotion strategies. Your song cannot be negatively affected in any way and we will not use it for any purposes that can directly bring us revenue.