Would you rather questions are a great way to get loads of interaction in a fun and interesting way. When added with the  “why” question, you’ll most probably get some really hilarious answers.

Here is a list of The 100 Best Would you Rather Questions on Reddit. You’ll find some ridiculous, some quite deep, while others are just fun to read. And I’m sure you’ll find a few of them really hard to answer!

You can find general 100 best would you rather questions, top 10 NSFW would you rather questions and top 10 messed up would you rather questions.

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100 Would You Rather questions

1.Would you rather poop in the only toilet at a party, knowing that you’ll clog it, or poop in the bushes in the backyard? Please hurry

2. Would you rather have a child made of pee or a pee made of child.

3. Would you rather have to pay extra for faster connection to certain websites and have your internet provider limit the sites you go on OR defend net neutrality?

4. Would you rather fuck the top half of Emma Watson with the bottom part of hulk hogan, or the top half of hulk hogan with the bottom half of Emma Watson?

5. Would you rather have $10,000 transferred to your bank account daily, or eat both of your hands?

6. Would you rather poop every time you orgasm, or have a 5% chance that you will say “nigger” in every conversation that you have?

7. Would you rather be the smartest person in the world or the stupidest person in the world? (In both scenarios you have the same level of intelligence you have now)

8. Would you rather be controlled by a mantis shrimp for a day and be forced to watch him make stupid shrimp decisions or be the most wanted pirate on all the seven seas for a month in the 1700s

9. Would you rather thoughtfully contemplate a WYR question, weighing the pros and cons in the spirit that it was intended or look for a quick loophole answer that gives you infinite happiness, money, and power?

10 . Would you rather there be a ding sound every time you wink or have a cartoonish gun sound go off when you make a finger gun.

11. Would you rather stay subscribed to a subreddit and have weird, awkward, irrelevant, 2-choice scenarios take up your front page expecting to one day see something original and thought provoking, OR just give in and finally make the decision to unsubscribe?

12. Would you rather be an underage illegal immigrant driving an ice cream truck and hit a guy juggling tennis balls while he’s riding a unicycle or be a guy juggling tennis balls while riding a unicycle and be hit by an underage illegal immigrant driving an ice cream truck?

13. Would you rather get $1 every time you compliment a stranger or $10 every time you insult a stranger in the meanest way possible?

14. Would you rather receive 5 million dollars now or wait ten years for 45 million?

15. Would you rather get $50 an hour for Browsing Reddit, or get $1000 every time you push someone to the ground?

16. Would you rather automatically say “Ahoy, matey!” when you get an erection or “Shiver me timbers!” when you cum?

17. Would you rather be left with a cliff hanger?

18. Would you rather have one of these random superpowers, OR $50,000,000?

19. Would you rather have to listen to your least favorite music for the rest of your life or have to say the “YOOUUUUUUUU!” from Crank that by Soulja boy every time you say the word “you”?

20. Would you rather meet someone who is absolutely perfect for you and spend the rest of your life together or gain the ability to convince anyone to have sex with you consensually?

21. Would you rather have “fast travel” to locations you previously visited or have a huge personal inventory* without any weight?

22. Would you flip a coin if heads meant you instantly receive 10 billion dollars, and tails meant you die instantly?

23. Would you rather have the power to control the weather within a 1 mile radius of where you are at any moment, OR: Clap your hands and 3 hot, fresh tacos made to your taste appear on a plate before you

24. Would you rather get one million dollars and never masturbate again or one hundred dollars for every fap?

25. Would you rather have free unlimited Starbucks for the rest of your life or Always have your phone/laptop charged 100% without ever having to charge ever again for the rest of your life?

26. Would you rather have multiple “save points” throughout your life you could restart at or have “new game plus” where, after you die, you start your life over with all the knowledge and skills you’ve acquired?

27. Would you rather be forced to say “M’lady” every time you address a woman, or yell “I’m an Atheist!” as loud as possible every time someone says “God Bless You.”?

28. Would you rather add 50 years to your lifespan and become a ghost upon death, OR reduce your lifespan and be reincarnated continuously?

29. Would you rather have an immortal bumblebee friend or wasp friend?

30. Would you rather have an apocalypse where everyone dies instantly and painlessly (eg. earth blows up) or the death is more painful but you have a chance to survive (eg. zombies)

31. Would you rather suck a horse’s dick get $5,000,000, and everyone think you sucked it for fun or be fucked by a horse, get $2,000,000 dollars, and everyone think you got it from the lottery?

32. Would you rather be able to poop in someone else’s pants or every time you sneeze you or someone in your immediate area grows a huge mustache.

33. Would you rather have telekinesis (but it is only *half* as strong as your normal strength and your body still *feels* like you are physically lifting the objects) OR when lifting/moving objects they weigh half as much? (So it is like you are twice as strong)

34. Would you rather have 1 in 10 chance to get $10, or 1 in a million chance for $1 mil?

35. Would you rather have your phone battery only last 100 minutes, but only take half an hour to charge, or have it take a week to charge but you only have to charge it twice a year?

36. Would you rather get $200 everytime you throw up or get $20 everytime you pooped?

37. You have a magical lunch bag that feeds you once a day. Would you rather it gives you the same PBJ, potato chips, and apple each day or the favorite food of the person who happens to be sitting next to you?

38.  Would you rather automatically shit yourself everytime you get sexually turned on, or have to do 508 forward rolls on the spot everytime someone asks your name, with no explanation?

39. Would you rather receive a free 2 mil helicopter for life(gas paid for, maintenance paid for, pilot paid for) but you can’t sell it or use it for money. Or receive 400K in cash?

40. Would you rather have a magic fedora that allows you to attract any woman with the words “m’lady,” or be able to run 5x as fast so long as your arms are extended behind you and you’re making airplane noises?

41. Would you rather be able to pay $1 to make any person find you attractive, or receive $1 every time a person finds you unattractive?

42. Would you rather receive 500 million dollars but never be able to leave your home country or receive 1 million + a free trip to 20 countries of your choice ?

43. Would you rather gain the knowledge of any book by touch or gain the skills of any person by touch?

44. Would you rather strangle a dog with your bare hands or strangle a bear with your dog hands?

45. Would you rather remember every dream you have vividly, or only need 3h of sleep a day and you can fall asleep at will.

46. Would you rather get paid $500 every time you make someone laugh or $10,000 every time you make some one cry?

47. Would you rather option A: Get given $100 million but have to move to Pakistan next week and never leave again or option B: Toss a coin – if heads you’re given $100 million with no strings attached. If tails, you must move to Pakistan and never leave but no money provided.

48. Would you rather continue browsing reddit or do work and improve your life?

49. Would you rather have the ability to summon a 25′ tall lava golem that would do your bidding OR win $50M in the lottery and be irresistibly attractive to the opposite sex?

50. Would you rather not ever be able to leave your house without carying a DVD copy of “paul blart mall cop” or you permanently lose your sense of smell.

51. Would you rather get slapped by a different random 12 year old every morning at 7 AM, or slap a random 7 year old every night at 11 PM?

52. Would you rather scream extremely loudly « WALUIGI NUMBA WAAAN » each every time you had an orgasm, or have an orgasm each time you see Waluigi?

53. If you could be temporarily transported to the future, would you rather spend one year in 2119, or one month in 3019?

54. Would you rather wake up with $50 in your pocket every day OR have $200 appear in your house somewhere everyday you wake up (Note that it’s well hidden and you have to find it each time)?

55. If you had two dicks, would you rather have them side by side or on top of one another?

56. Would you rather have a fork that sanitizes anything eaten with it (filters out junk, keeps taste, non allergic, no poison, disorder prevention) or a blanket that makes you very comfortable in any spot and position (no health issues, temperature aware, self cleaning)?

57. Would you rather be able to instantly teleport your pee and poop from your body to the nearest toilet effectively making going to the bathroom pointless OR be able to teleport anywhere you want with the maximum distance being 15 miles.

58. Would you rather have a button that summons any meal you want but you can only use it 200 times, or a button that serves you your favorite meal an unlimited number of times

59. Would you rather have a car that can phase through any other car(allowing you to bypass any traffic), or have a car that will always be in perfect condition and full tank of gas?

60. Would you rather be able to instantly cook any food to perfection, or be able to change what food is the moment it hits your stomach?

61. Would you rather be able to use Force lightning, telekinesis, and be the most beautiful person in the world of your sex or remain at your current level of attractiveness but be the most intelligent human on the planet and gain an extra 100 years to your lifespan.

62. Would you rather be naked in front of a huge crowd while looking like someone else or someone who is identical to you be naked in front of a huge crowd.

63. Would you rather be immortal or be given $1B tax-free?

64. You find yourself halfway inside your mother and your father halfway inside of you. Would you rather push back or thrust forward?

65. If you offered the ability to spend the rest of your days in a coma but able to 100% control your dreams – living any kind of life you wanted, even be able to have super powers, would you take it? Or would you rather live out your days normally, dealing with the good and the bad?

66. Would you rather be able to Copy/Paste in real life, or Undo?

67. Would you rather become a sentient strawberry with the mind you have now (no physical ability for mobility or communication) or just become a regular strawberry with strawberry thoughts?

68. Would you rather receive 500,000 dollars, or roll a die and get a prize?

69. You are abandoned in the wilderness and must find your way to civilization. Would you rather have ten minutes to study an interactive GPS map to figure out a route OR have a printed topographic map of the area to take with you? (The printed map does not indicate your starting point.)

70. Would you rather get a throbbing erection every time you’re near a child or have to scream the N-word every time you hear the word Obama?

71. Would you rather have to sexually bite your lip at the end of every conversation you have regardless of the scenario, or would you rather have to moan after every bite of food?

72. Would you rather get a swastika tattoo on your chest the size of your head and 50k worth of bitcoin or a tattoo on your neck that says YOLO and a lifetime supply of mangos?

73. Would you rather get $20 every hour for doing nothing or get $5 every time you yell “FUCK” at the top of your lungs?

74. You get 1 billion dollars & one random human dies. Do you do it?

75. Would you rather be named Will but it’s short for Willip or named Nate but it’s short for Naitlyn?

76. Would you rather suffer all of your life’s pain in one, excruciating, pain filled second and live the rest of your life painless, or live a normal life?

77. Straight males: Would you rather suck one dick for $50,000, or get $1000 for every dick you suck?

78. Would you rather tattoo your Reddit username on your forearm for free or pay in dollars the amount of karma you have so you don’t have to tattoo it?

79. Would you rather instantly gain $1,000,000 but be bound to ludicrously slow moving mobility scooter for the rest of your life, or instantly gain $50,000 but you’ll only be able to pee if you’re totally naked and sitting down?

80. Would you rather cry all night or meaningless sex that just makes the void bigger.

81. Would you rather date a 2 of your preferred sexual gender or a 9 of your unpreferred?

82. Would you rather get ten bucks, or take a chance and you got a 90% chance of a billion and 10% chance of instant death?

83. Would you rather during a zombie apocalypse you and your loved ones are in command of a 200 foot yacht; OR: You and your loved ones are in command of The White House? (Those of you outside USA: that’s our country’s presidential home)

84. Would you rather erase all of your past “cringe” moments from everyone else’s memories, but not yours, or erase them from your memory, but not everyone else’s?

85. Would you rather have twenty tiny freckles on your face, but when they get wet burn like hell for 20 minutes, or have one giant mole in your neck and every time someone looks at it, it says “hey” to that person.

86. Would you rather be Rick Harrison or his pawn shop?

87. Would you rather live for only another 5 years but you can buy anything you want and go anywhere you want and will be remembered for the rest of recorded time by everyone. Or live to be 100 with just an average but comfortable life and will be promptly forgotten after death.

88. Would you rather receive a one off payment of $100,000 or a card that always has $25 on it.

89. Would you rather have the Genius Intellect like that of Tony Stark OR just take $5,000,000 and walk away?

90. Would you rather be the world’s greatest martial artist or the galaxy’s shittiest Jedi?

91. Would you rather be able to summon a candy bar from thin air whenever you wanted or have your farts smell like freshly cooked thanksgiving dinner?

92. Would you rather be able to punch someone once a year with no consequences, or once a month get a free taco from taco bell?

93. Would you rather only be able to use one toilet the rest of your life or never be able to use the same toilet twice?

94. Would you rather date the most beautiful person of the opposite sex or become the most beautiful person of your sex?

95. You are a super villain who can scream supersonic classical music, you name is Bach the Fuck up. Would you rather rob banks for a living, or would you rather cause random chaos in the streets?

96. Would you rather have 50 million dollars, or 50 guaranteed healthy youthful looking years added to your life?

97. Would you rather be able to hold bananas in your hands like guns, say “pew pew” and shoot lasers out of them OR be able to throw oranges and have them act like target seeking missiles

98. Would you rather have everything cost $10, no matter what the item is, or have everything cost one cent more each time you buy an item with the first item starting at one cent?

99. Would you rather be able to transform into a blueberry at will, or have blueberries whisper to you and tell you secrets about the universe that no one else will ever believe?

100. Would you rather be able to slow time down to half speed, with your mind still working at full speed, or be able to freeze time, but with no light particles moving, everything is pitch black?

Top 10 NSFW would you rather questions

1 – Would you rather: Accidentally text a nude picture of yourself to your parents OR accidentally butt-dial them during sex, and they have to listen to the whole thing?

2 – Would you rather: Accidentally have explosive diarrhea on your partner(s) during sex OR be the one who gets pooped on?

3 – Would you rather: Have your grandma walk in on you during sex OR walk in on your grandma during sex?

4 – Would you rather have your roommate catch you masturbating or having sex?

5 – Would you rather be in a committed relationship or be friends with benefits?

6 – Would you rather make love three times a day for two months straight or not make love for a month?

7 – Would you rather: Loudly orgasm after every time you cough OR come every time you sneeze?

8 – Would you rather: Be forced to speak like Borat every time you have sex OR have your partner(s) only speak like Borat during sex?

9 – Would you rather lose your sex organs forever or gain 200lbs for the rest of your life?

10 – Would you rather have sex in front of police officers or in front of a live news taping?

Top 10 messed up would you rather questions

1 – Would you rather watch your parents have sex every day for the rest of your life or join in once and make it stop?

2 – Would you rather lick a homeless man’s toe or chew a piece of gum you found sticking to the underside of a table?

3 – Would you rather smell like poop all the time and not be able to smell it yourself or have your significant other smell like poop and have to smell it all the time?

4 – Would you rather drink a gallon of mayonnaise or a gallon of ketchup?

5 – Would you rather eat only insects for the rest of your life and live as you are now or eat normally and have constant diarrhea?

6 – Would you rather bite off someone else’s armpit hairs and swallow them or lick the floors in public showers?

7 – Would you rather wear someone else’s poop stained underwear or use someone else’s toothbrush?

8 – Would you rather drink a cup of spit from someone who was chewing tobacco or make out with someone who has all their teeth rotten? 

9 – Would you rather eat a whole raw chicken or drink a coffee cup full of liquefied slugs?

10 – Would you rather have sex with the hottest person you know that’s freshly dead or have sex with the ugliest and smelliest person, but they’re alive? 

Personality Test

We highly recommend watching different would you rather videos, which are super fun and can literally open your eyes in real live (in some cases).

Listen to the question, choose one answer from two options and hear out the comment from the narrator. Try it yourself now.


Would you rather questions are a lot of fun while hanging out with your relatives, friends or even people you just met. It all depends on what type of those questions you ask.

These questions can simply kick start your party night and create plenty of fun for you and your close ones. Spice it up with some weird would you rather questions on purpose, to make it more interesting.

Do you have a good “would you rather” question in mind? Let me know in the comments! Or what would you rather do??

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