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Quora promotion: How a SaaS company increased leads by 35% in 1 month

Thinking about a community marketing approach in the SaaS industry? Read on to see how this startup drove 35% more leads per month through a Quora marketing campaign.

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AI-based KYC solution for SaaS

A B2B SaaS solution with >30 employees that uses AI to help with ID verification. It’s scalable and built to work across-platforms.

The company operates across the US, UK, and Australia.

The problem

The client reached out looking for ideas to market themselves in a saturated vertical. They had recently launched and were facing stiff competition from small and big players entering this space and needed a unique way to stand out.

They were actively running paid marketing, but wanted to stand out to people who didn’t respond to paid advertising.

Fortunately, there was lots of opportunity across community channels to explore an approach without paid marketing.

That’s where we come in.

The solution


We started with a research period to better understand the product and how it fits into the competitive landscape. This helped us dig in and plan our campaign better.


The client was excited about the approach, and we got started shortly after agreeing on a scope & quote.

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Based on our research, we proposed a multi-phase Quora campaign that centered around educating potential buyers that were actively comparing between the client and their competitors.


We collaborated with the client within Slack and presented a report of work done across Quora along with data on impressions across Quora.

The outcome

The campaign lasted a month.

Over this month we posted Quora answers that educated users about the client niche and drove them to the site.

Our client racked up 21,000 impressions on Quora and effectively became the go-to identity verification solution on Quora.

The majority of the impressions were from people looking to invest in an identity-verification solution.

The client was happy, reported a 35% increase in leads, and now they have a new passive channel driving them leads month over month!

Very happy for the results that our Quora campaign delivered. I'm completely new to community marketing and did not know what to expect. Stable source of leads and cool approach. I will definitely test other options very soon.


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