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Youtube promotion: how a music label achieved 25k plays

Are you looking to promote a portfolio of tracks or music videos? Read on to see how this label drove more than 25k players with help from a Reddit marketing strategy.

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Record label

A small indie-pop record label based in LA that represents a few musicians. Catchy and deep, their music is unique while still having mass appeal.

We’ve worked with this label multiple times on different mv’s.

The problem

The label was looking to promote a new indie-pop music video hosted on Youtube.

They wanted to drive deep conversation about the anti-capitalist messaging in the video.

Their goal was to gain true fans, not plays on Youtube.

Dunking on capitalism is always fun, and we were ready for the challenge!

The solution


We started with a research period. We watched the music video and took note of the messaging we wanted to tackle. The music video was a banger and we had fun sharing it with the team.

We came up with a list of ideas and later used them in our planning.


The client was excited about the approach, and we got started shortly after agreeing on a scope & quote.

During execution, we made sure to seed the threads with content to ensure we hit the top of every subreddit we targeted.

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Based on our research, we proposed a Reddit campaign that centered around sharing the music video and seeding the conversations with anti-capitalist messaging.

Reporting and analysis

We collaborated with the client within Slack and presented a report of work done across Reddit along with impression data.

The outcome

The campaign lasted a total of 3 weeks across Reddit

We posted threads across Reddit that included the music video. 

The posts racked up more than 452,700 post views from indie pop fans. .

The threads got shared a total of 150 times. This includes crossposts and shares to other social networks.

The client was happy and reported that they got 25k listeners. They were excited that the listeners connected deeply with the music. 

I have had nothing but awesome experiences working with the team at Signals. The user experience is clean and easy to navigate, the service is fast, and the results have been definitely worth the investment. Suggest them 100%


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