Social signals are a touchy topic. Professional marketers caution against them. Gung-ho entrepreneurs and influencers misuse them daily.

But there is something to sprinkling in signals with any promotion strategy. A few upvotes placed at the right time can turn the tide on a launched piece of content.

That is, if the upvotes work.

Lots of vendors out there use low quality upvotes and accounts to promote your content. This is risky and you never know what the consequences might be mid-long term.

This is how brands, projects and accounts get blacklisted. Oops.

We definitely don’t want that to happen to you. Which is why we have strict standards for how we process engagement orders.

These are important for any kind of manual review, and they’ll help keep you and your brand safe in the long term.

Dive in to understand how we approach our engagement services πŸ‘‡

First things first, better profiles

We screen all profiles for niche fit
When possible, we’ll use profiles that match the industry you’re promoting. E.x. If you’re promoting crypto related content, we’ll make sure that the profiles we use match.

We use USA or European IP addresses
Trying to get in front of a Western audience? Great! Our engagement matches any technical signals a normal visitor of would have. For most social media platforms, this means a roughly 3:1 ratio of US to European traffic.

A manual review with every order

We screen every order we process for lots of things. From red flags that could hurt your chance of getting to the top, to any breaches of our ethical policy. Here’s some of the things that we look for with every order.

Does the content match the community?
If your order seems irrelevant or breaks subreddit rules, we’ll let you know and double check before fulfilling.

Would a different approach work better?
Is there an opportunity to have more impact with a different approach? We’ll check and see if there’s more you can be doing.

Does the content break our ethical policy?
Trying to promote a political issue? Or looking to harass someone online? Sorry! These things break our ethical policy and cannot be processed.

There’s more that happens in the backend that we’re going to share in the future. Keep checking back to stay up to date!