There are currently 6.7 million active Discord servers.

Having a Discord server used to be just for gamers. Ever since the pandemic, though, more people have been joining the fun.

Discord has become a home for niche communities worldwide. It’s given people a chance to engage with creators they love and other fans. It also gives creators a new outlet to interact with their supporters. 

Growing on Discord is a little different than other social media platforms. To make it easier, we’ll give you our best advice on how to get more members on Discord.

How to get people to join your Discord server

Build your platform and brand

When you’re building a Discord, personal branding is key. This extends beyond just on Discord as well. To maximize your reach, be sure to build up your other social media as well!

Back to Discord, though, keep your branding consistent throughout your server. If we’re losing you, don’t worry! We’ll go in-depth here in a second.

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Server logo

A good server logo is how to get more people in your Discord server. The first thing your new server members will see is your server logo. It’s best to make it memorable. 

Your logo should encapsulate your niche so your potential members can tell what it is at a glance. The logo should also stand out in a crowd, so it stands out in the sidebar.

Server title

When you’re thinking about how to get people to join your Discord server, a title should be at the top of your mind. When you’re making your title, think about your niche.

Discord server titles can make or break your server, so take the time to really think about it. To come up with ideas, take a look at the most popular servers. That will give you an idea of which ones work.

Server description

Your Discord server description is where your members will get an idea of what your server is about. Your description should fit your niche and also show off the general vibe of the server. People should want to read it, so make it fun and to the point!

Bullet point lists will give your members a quick idea of why your community is cool. Make sure to boast about your existing community! If they make it awesome, let the new people know.

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Put your server in directories

Putting your server in directories will be how to get more Discord members without a built-in following. These directories are where people go to find new communities.

When you post your Discord on one of these directories, you’ll be able to add tags. These tags will let people know what your community is like! 

Included in this is posting your join link on sites where your niche is strongest. Most notably, posting in subreddits can help your server out immensely. A lot of the time, people just don’t know servers like yours exist.

There’s also a subreddit dedicated to sharing Discord servers. The sub has over 120,000 members, all on the lookout for the next best server. 

Sharing Discord servers in all possible places will get you members guaranteed! All this will lead to having an active and striving community on your server.

Focus on your niche

One of the benefits of Discord is that it allows you to cultivate strong communities. When you’re creating a Discord group, make sure to keep your niche in mind. 

Nobody wants to join a server for something and find out it’s really just chaos. Focusing on your niche makes your Discord something valuable for your members. If they wanted nothing but bad memes, they’d find them elsewhere.

Focusing on your niche comes in a couple of different forms. We’ll give you a couple of things you can do to make your server more cohesive. Having a definitive niche is key in how to get more members on Discord.

Have different channels for different topics

Not only does this make your Discord look clean, but it also gives focus. Not everyone will want to talk about the exact same things, so be sure to have a variety of subjects. 

For example, if your niche is K-Pop, have a channel for all the different groups. You could even go as far as to have idol-specific channels. It’s all about compartmentalizing. 

This doesn’t mean there can’t be some off-topic channels. Most Discord servers have channels for memes and pet pictures. Often times you’ll even see one channel that’s just called off-topic.

Channel grouping

Making a bunch of channels is all fun and games, but be careful! Too many unorganized channels can look really messy. The best way to avoid that is with channel grouping. 

Once you make the groups, it’ll be super easy to click and drag channels around. This will give your Discord server members more direction when they get into your server.

Going back to our K-pop example, you would have a channel group for idols. In that group, you would have the names of specific idols.

Server focus

Having this compartmentalization ensures that everyone stays on topic. It will also give your server members a reminder that you care about their experience. 

Putting work into your server is how to get more members on your Discord. These members will make your community more active which will, in turn, lead to more members.

Buy some Discord members

If you want your server to get noticed on the directories, increasing your member count can help. This is the fastest and most effective method to get more people in your Discord.

Buying Discord members will not only boost numbers, yes. However, it also boosts the activity on your server as well!

Should I pay attention to Discord community?

Absolutely! Discord is becoming one of the strongest communities out there.

What started as a chatting platform for gamers, is now a powerful tool to build communities around brands, build positive reputation and let potential customers get involved in a full user experience.

You definitely need to own server to be able to build a community but that’s not a problem. Check out some successful servers to get inspiration from and work towards getting new Discord members into your server.

Remember to fill out server’s description, server listings and engage with your audience to get new users and build a Discord network.

You are set up for the success then 😉

How to get more members on Discord

Building a community on Discord is a rewarding experience. It’s only natural to want more members to join your server!

Cultivating a good vibe and making your server great is how to get more members on Discord. Beyond that, it’s all you, baby!

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