There are innumerable platforms for socialization on the internet today. From Instagram to Clubhouse to Reddit and Quora, platforms have grown at lightning speed, boasting of millions of users every month.

But with all these platforms out there, it can get difficult to keep up with them even for the most tech-savvy millennial, don’t you agree?

Each of these has unique propositions that can help you greatly for both your business and personal use. While Instagram and Facebook have been overused by marketers, sites like Reddit and Quora can be turned into goldmines for marketers.

But before you decide to utilize these platforms for your business or personal use, it is essential to understand the ins and outs of these platforms.

Understanding the pros and cons of Quora vs Reddit will not only help you select the right platform, but will also help you achieve success on them. So, let’s look at the basics of each platform in detail below:   

What is Reddit?   

Reddit is a unique platform that brings together social news, discussions, and rating of website content. It is also often called the “front page of the internet”. The platform is also known as a discussion forum due to its Reddit subreddits.

It was founded in 2005 and is currently the sixth most popular website in the US with over 100,000 active community forums.

Sites like Reddit are known to be engaging and user-friendly making them popular with a diverse population. Today the platform has more than 234 million users spread all over the world.    

Reddit allows users to submit posts on various subjects and start discussions on the same. Once the content is submitted on the platform, other Reddit users rank the content by upvoting or downvoting it, depending on whether they liked or disliked it.

Posts with higher upvotes are what rank favorably whereas posts with downvotes are deprioritized and may disappear from other viewers completely.

Your Reddit account is your reputation on the platform. Make sure you contribute with the proper Reddit content and behave properly, in order to get high karma

You can also boost your thread’s reach by increasing the number of Reddit upvotes and showing your opinion to w wider audience on the platform.

What is Reddit Premium?   

Reddit Premium is Reddit’s exclusive premium membership, which was earlier known as Reddit Gold. This premium service costs $5.99 per month and goes towards supporting the platform and thousands of communities present on the website.

Users who sign up for Reddit Premium get three main benefits. The first one is an ad-free experience on the platform. This means that pages load faster and you only see the content you want to see.

The second is access to r/lounge, a Premium-exclusive subreddit where you can socialize with other Premium users.

And thirdly, every Premium user gets 1000 Reddit coins as a one-time bonus and 700 coins every month after.    

How does Reddit work? 

Once you create a profile on Reddit, you can post threads, comment, upvote, downvote, re-post and more. You can ask any questions you need the answers to and browse other threads with your favorite topics.

Remember to follow subreddits’ rules and general etiquette or as Reddit calls it – reddiquette. Be a human, help others and they will help you.

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It is a very rewarding tactic to reach your target audience, increase brand awareness, online reputation and bring more traffic to your website. However, it is quite hard if you don’t have experience with it and you can get your account easily banned.

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User Demographics on Reddit   

Understanding the user profile on sites like Reddit will help you decide which platform will be more suited for you and your business or personal queries.

Here are some insights into Reddit demographics that will help you decide if Reddit is the right platform for you:   

  • In the first half of 2021, 48.9% of Reddit users were based out of the US, 7.73% were from the UK, 7.52 were from Canada, 3.85% from Australia, and 3.12% from Germany.    
  • Data from the month of February 2021 revealed that 36% of Reddit users from the US were aged between 18 to 29 years and 22% of users were aged between 30 to 49 years.   
  • Previous studies also reveal that Reddit is more popular among men than women with 67% of the users on Reddit being men.    

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What is Quora?    

Quora is a crowdsourced question and answer website that allows users to raise questions and get their responses – a.k.a. answer site. The website is user-controlled and allows the user to organize, edit and create their own content.

With all the queries answered on the platform, Quora has a wealth of information and has quickly grown as a research tool.

In 2018, the platform reached 300 million active monthly users from 200 million reported in the previous year.    

Quora allows users to follow specific topics of interest and allows them to vote to validate the responses on those topics.

The responses on Quora are more personal with first-hand experiences and personal opinions on various subjects.

It has become very popular for personal brands and business to be active on Quora and be seen as a market / topic professional.

You can buy Quora accounts or Quora upvotes to boost your answers and improve your game on Quora even further. 

How Does Quora Work?   

Once a user sets up their Quora account, the user is free to ask or answer any question they may like. Users need to ask questions that have never been asked on the platform before.

Questions need to be short and precise and the relevant topic tags need to be verified before the question is posted. 

While answering questions, honesty is expected and users are also required to remain respectful and straightforward. Users can also upvote or downvote answers to ensure that the right answers get the highest views. 

If you want to build your reputation on the platform, answer questions, be present at several Quora spaces and even create your own Quora blog.

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User Demographics on Quora   

Quora can be used as a powerful tool to market your business. Here are some user demographics that will help you decide if Quora is the right platform for your business:   

  • Based on data from January 2019, Quora’s user base consists of 57% men and 43% women.    
  • 35% of Quora users are based out of America, 22.2% are based out of India and 4.9% are based out of the UK.   
  • 32.5% of Quora users belong to the age group of 25 to 34 years.    
  • 75% of Quora users access the website from their mobile devices.   
  • According to the data released in Quora’s B2B Marketing Guide, 54% of Quora users report an annual household income greater than $100,000. 

Reddit vs Quora: The Differences and The Similarities   

While Reddit and Quora might seem similar, there are some key differences that need to be taken into consideration, especially for those who are using these platforms for business purposes.

While both, Reddit and Quora are social media platforms, Quora is only for questions whereas Reddit is used for anything, from discussing various topics to joke responses and social news aggregation. This means that the scope of Reddit is broad as compared to that of Quora.   

These key differences in functionalities can help you decide what platform is better suited for your business or individual use.

Quora can be used to answer frequently asked questions in their niche and Reddit is a powerful tool for building a niche community where your target audience can socialize and discuss relevant industry updates and queries.    

Both the platforms have millions of users, but Reddit clearly has a bigger audience with a majority being male Americans. Quora, on the other hand, has a 43/57 female-to-male ratio, with Americans bringing in 35% of the site traffic.

Based on the target market of your business, you will be able to select a platform that aligns with your goals. The business that targets women might find Quora more effective whereas Reddit might be more effective to reach men in your target.    

Sites like Reddit and Quora are both filled with juicy, high-quality information that can help you generate quality leads, increase your brand visibility and create a targeted community online. While Quora operates on credibility, Reddit operates on anonymity.

What does this look like? The user profiles on Quora showcase valuable details like full name, credentials, where you studied, and even your location whereas Reddit profiles are often anonymous with only user statistics like Karma and trophies received on display.

Quora also has personalities like Barrack Obama, Jackie Chan, Bill Gates, and so on who use the platform and help build credibility.    

Quora vs Reddit: Pros and Cons   

Sites like Reddit and Quora can be powerful tools for both businesses and individuals. Both these platforms allow you to learn new things and increase your knowledge based on the information and personal insights available.

They can be used by businesses as tools to research and study their target audience and by individuals to learn more on various aspects of the topics they are interested in, socialize with like-minded individuals, and update themselves with the latest industry developments.   

Moreover, Quora can also be used by businesses to increase their website traffic as the platform allows you to drop a link to provide information where necessary. In fact, 63% of Quora’s traffic comes from various search engines.

This means that if you ask the right question using the correct keywords, you can optimize the query to rank high in the search results and by providing insightful answers, you will be able to increase brand visibility.

You can also redirect quality leads to your website and increase brand visibility without the need for hard selling.   

On the other hand, these platforms can also harm your brand image, as dissatisfied users can easily go on these forums and communities and talk negatively about your brand.

Personal experiences hold higher value and such negative comments can easily lead to a negative impression of your brand. For such cases, having a plan for crisis management is absolutely essential.   

Nonetheless, we highly recommend marketing your brand on both platforms. Learn more about Reddit marketing and Quora marketing if you haven’t yet and you will see how effective it is.

Additionally, while these platforms are extremely powerful and relevant for audiences in the US, they may not be as effective and relevant for audiences present in other countries like the UK, Australia, and Germany.

This is because both these platforms are used mainly by Americans. Hence, their responses and inputs may not be relatable to people living in other countries.  

Are they social media platforms?

Yes, Reddit and Quora are considered as social media platforms, in addition to other famous platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and so on. Both Quora and Reddit are mostly famous as discussion forums or community forums.

The biggest advantage is that you can discuss a particular topic in depth from regular people, as well as experts within the field. Both platforms are a great source for searching for product / service reviews and personal experience with it.

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