While social media shouldn’t solely be a numbers game, the more followers that you have, the more sway your social antics can ultimately ensure.

This is especially true on platforms like Twitch, where an existing 2.5 million streams at any given time can make discovery difficult to come by.

Tools that allow you to buy Twitch followers are the ideal compromise, ensuring that your channel gets enough views to attract the attention of those people you’ve so far spent so long struggling to reach.

Even better, we’ve made that growth easier to achieve with a fast-fire guide of the 7 best sites for how to buy followers on Twitch right now.

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buy Twitch followers

Sites to buy high quality Twitch followers from:

# 1 – BoostHill

BoostHill is a top option to buy Twitch followers thanks to 5-minute fast delivery times and enterprise packages that can see you with as many as 2000 live viewers, as well as live generic or custom chatters.

A focus on quality, real Twitch accounts especially ensures results when you invest here, while the addition of auto-connect packages on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis can keep your Twitch numbers trending without the need for manual repurchases every time.



  • High-quality, real Twitch accounts
  • Five-minute delivery
  • Auto-connect packages


  • Not always clear who you’re buying from
  • Expensive

Buy Twitch followers with BoostHill.

# 2 – Media Mister

Media Mister offers the opportunity to buy as many as 1000 Twitch followers over 2-4 days by simply providing your account URL.

Orders start from as little as $2 for high-quality followers from real Twitch accounts that have been verified by experts with over ten years of experience.

media mister


  • Real Twitch accounts
  • Packages for as little as $2
  • 10 years of industry experience


  • Followers are removed after a while
  • Majority of followers won’t be from your niche

Buy Twitch followers with Media Mister.

# 3 – Twitch Booster

A specific focus on the Twitch platform makes Twitch Booster a tempting option for anyone looking for specialist handling, and packages include everything from Twitch followers to live viewers and beyond.

All packages are offered with instant delivery and one-off prices that save long-term commitments and are surprisingly reasonable at just $16.95 for as many as 1000 permanent followers.

twitch booster


  • Twitch-specific service
  • Affordable one-time pricing
  • Permanent real users


  • Not affiliated with Twitch

Buy Twitch followers with Twitch Booster.

# 4 – Sides Media

Despite being relatively new to the market, Sides Media is already making a name for itself thanks to having earned a reputation as one of the most trusted platforms for social media engagement.

While their Twitch follower building is relatively generalized, Sides Media offers fantastic high-quality exposure that’s delivered in just three days and great customer support to ensure your journey stays smooth.

sides media


  • Trusted platform
  • Reliable customer support


  • Relatively new to the market
  • Focus on generalized exposure

Buy Twitch followers with Sides Media.

# 5 – Use Viral

Use Viral’s large network and client-focus are their main selling points, with this company particularly aiming to promote clients in front of targeted, effective audiences.

Ongoing support, and a dedicated focus on expanding your brand across Twitch rather than simply loading you with useless follower numbers especially means that users of Use Viral’s packages can trust in pretty great results.

use viral


  • Targeted followers
  • Additional support


  • Requires a mix of marketing and promotion techniques for results

Buy Twitch followers with Use Viral.

# 6 – YouMeViral

With YouMeViral, clients can enjoy some of the cheapest Twitch services on the market and still benefit from skyrocketing growth thanks to guaranteed quality and orders that can start in as little as a few hours.

Starting from $3, YouMeViral’s Twitch follower packages offer 24/7 support and immediate delivery without once requiring your Twitch password, while refills are also guaranteed.

you me viral


  • Affordable packages
  • Orders start in a few hours
  • Refills guaranteed


  • Uses have reported future loss of followers

Buy Twitch followers with YouMeViral.

# 7 – Stormlikes

Stormlikes allows users to purchase likes, followers, views, and other engagement on social media platforms including Twitch. It is super easy to buy Twitch followers and you can choose between high quality followers and premium followers.



  • It may help increase the visibility of your account on Twitch, making it more likely for other users to discover your channel.
  • It can increase the perceived popularity of your channel, which may lead to more organic engagement.


  • Similar to other services offered

Buy Twitch followers with Stormlikes.

Buying Twitch followers

Buying Twitch followers has never been easier. However, it is important to buy real Twitch followers instead of fake Twitch followers.

People buy Twitch followers for obvious reasons – being seen as a popular Twitch channel and increasing the chances of getting more Twitch followers.

Buying followers should get you there and you should be able to see them in just a few hours.

Twitch has undoubtedly become the central place on the internet to view and stream live gaming videos. It has positioned itself as the leading broadcaster of e-sports around the world. Twitch has an estimated number of 15 million daily streamers, and it is only getting bigger! 

Twitch currently has over 140 million active users (44 million just in US). Twitch is predicted to rise to over 51.6 million twitch users in the U.S alone by 2024.

Initially serving mostly gamers, Twitch content has evolved. It now caters to other niches such as music, politics, science, and technology, among others. Twitch has a combined record peak of 1.6 billion hours watched this October. 

All this begs the question: Is streaming a lucrative endeavor on Twitch? Yes, it is! The top 5 Twitch streamers each earn over $1 million a year!

Even starting streamers can earn five hundred dollars or higher! Making money is dependent on several factors, mainly having a large following. The higher your views and follower count is, the higher your earning potential. 

Generating an organic amount of loyal followers can take time. You may want to skip the process by choosing to buy twitch followers. However, is the service worth it? Let’s find out!

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Should you buy Twitch followers?

A good follower count helps convert and retain visiting users by influencing them to check out your profile account.

Buying followers can give you advantages to increase your engagement and the number of your viewers. It will also help you become an affiliate and gain real and paying Twitch users.

There are a lot of advantages to buying new followers. From having 100 followers, you can increase it to 500 followers or even 1000 followers.

It depends on your order, although it’s important to note that choosing a service provider who can deliver legitimate followers and views is crucial to avoid problems with your Twitch channel. 

In short, don’t buy bots!  

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Things to look for when buying Twitch followers

Finding a genuine agency to buy twitch followers from isn’t hard. It does, however, take a little bit of effort to separate the wheat from the chaff. These are some things to pay attention to when choosing a company: 

High-quality followers

They deliver organic and not bot-automated followers. You’re buying Twitch followers not just for the boost in followers but also for the interaction with your content.

Transparent and safe payment system

Be vigilant when partnering with agencies that immediately ask for your credit card information. If you feel uneasy, ask for other payment options.

Natural delivery time

The delivery of followers of an agency should be gradually given. You want your follower growth to look natural. A company that provides followers in an instant will draw suspicion from people.

Money-back guarantee

An excellent and confident marketing agency will be willing to refund your money if they don’t meet your expectations. 

Customer support team

A reputable agency that cares for its customers must have a responsive customer support team ready to cater to all of your needs.

Tips when buying Twitch followers

Keep it slow and steady

Rushing the increase of your following won’t help you build an influential Twitch channel. You will only draw attention and suspicion, making people doubt your legitimacy.

Although it can be tempting to have thousands of followers overnight, this won’t be good in the long run. You need to work on your content and make sure that real twitch users find you interesting! Besides, keeping things nice and slow will make your growth seem natural. 

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Supplement marketing

It’s recommended for a seemingly natural growth pattern to supplement buying followers with other marketing strategies like promoting your stream on Reddit through Soar.

Soar is a digital marketing agency specializing in Reddit marketing and social media services tailored to give your account exposure and direct traffic from different sources.

Stay active

Keep your channel active by regularly uploading new streams or do fan services to fuel growth during your marketing campaign. You will not only benefit from increasing your following count, but you will also gain the interest (and even loyalty) of your Twitch viewers!

It can lead to a snowball effect that translates to a viral moment. You want this exposure to reach a larger audience. The idea is not to let your channel stay dormant and easy to forget.

The bottom line

These are by no means the only platforms that can help you to buy followers on Twitch, but each of these tools offers a fantastic insight into how you could benefit from buying Twitch followers and, ultimately, where it is best to do so for immediate, reliable results.

If you want to level up your Twitch account, then buying Twitch followers is definitely a good start. Remember, you should also take advantage of social media platforms to reach your target audience.

Twitter is the most popular platform for Twitch streamers but you should also be present on other social media platforms to increase the reach.