Discord initially targeted gamers when it launched in 2015. However, the group chatting app has since attracted users and communities with different interests.

Today, Discord has over 6.7 million active servers of varying topics and interests. It also rose to become the leading voice and text chat app for gamers.  

With a well-planned and executed Discord community marketing, you can leverage on the growing popularity of the chat service to promote your brand.

While advertising is discouraged, there are other options that can help your products gain more exposure in Discord communities. 

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Be part of the community

You do not have to rely on your own server for your marketing. You can also join other Discord community servers that are most relevant to your industry. 

It is crucial that your product is related to what the server is all about so you can meet the right people who will likely be interested in what you offer. 

Engage yourself in quality discussions and connect with other members.

Do not introduce your products right away since this can get you flagged as a spammer, Many servers also impose strict policies about advertising that can get you kicked out. 

Work on building connections. It is best to know the owners of the Discord servers you join and the community members.

Add value to discussions, contribute and build helpful relationships. Asking the server owners and the admins to give you a shoutout will be much easier if you have already established strong ties with them. 

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Sponsor a give-away

Sponsoring a give-away can help create buzz about your product in Discord servers.

You also get better chances of getting a shoutout from the server owners and admins when you provide for some of the prizes and rewards distributed to winners of competitions and events.

This marketing strategy is particularly effective for communities with thousands of members. 

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Build a reputable Discord server

Your Discord server is your gateway to reaching your target audience, so it should be a one that you would want to join yourself.

Make sure it offers something that can add value to those who want to join. Its topic should align with what you are personally interested in and have knowledge about.

If you are using Discord for marketing purposes, the server you set up should be related to your industry or one that can appeal to your prospective customers. 

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You will likely want to start working on increasing the number of your Discord server members right away, but remember not to advertise randomly or reward people who invite others to join your servers because this is a violation of Discord’s policies.

You may get your server or even account shut down if you break the Discord terms of service.

One of your options is to add your Discord server to listing sites, which can help you advertise your server without violating the platform’s policies. However, the number of servers listed on these sites require that you stand out from the rest.

You can do this by using a unique  server name that people can easily remember and a professional logo.

Make sure that you also provide a descriptive snippet of what your server is all about. Remember that you are likely to get targeted members if you focus on only one particular topic

You can also introduce your discord server to external communities. Look for other online forums that discuss the same topic that your Discord server is focused on.

Subreddits are a good place to start. You can tell users that you have a Discord server about the topic that they enjoy and politely invite them to check it out. 

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Promote with Reddit

If you need help engaging users on Reddit and other social media sites, digital marketing firms like Soar provides Reddit marketing services that can help you strategically target the gaming community and create viral  marketing campaigns on the platform.

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are also a good medium to spread word about your Discord server.

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