Twitter was developed in March 2006 by Biz Stone, Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, and Noah Glass. Today, it is now a widespread social media platform with more than 300 million active users.

Twitter used to be a platform where people can openly share their thoughts. However, it has now evolved into an impactful marketing tool, reaching a broad audience.

Twitter is an excellent platform for businesses. Companies can oversee the conversations about their brand, promote products, engage with customers, and handle any customer service issues.

Twitter saw a 2.5x increase in customer service conversations on the platform in the last two years. Twitter can help you understand your customers and improve your branding.

80% of Twitter users mention a brand in their tweets, greatly improving the brand awareness.

Once other users see the brand mentioned, they will take action. Some of these actions can be to visit the brand’s website or account, search it online, consider buying, or retweet a tweet that mentions the brand.

Twitter gives the benefit of exposing your brand to many audiences. Of course, to truly make your business a success, exposure is not the only thing you will need.

You need to create marketing strategies to keep your audience engaged. Letting your brand shine on Twitter is easy if you know how to. 

We will give you the best tips on Twitter marketing strategy guaranteed to successfully promote your brand.

What is the Twitter marketing strategy?

A Twitter Marketing Strategy is a plan that aims at generating, publishing and distributing content to your customer personas, audience and followers by the social media platform Twitter.

These type of schemes can gain new followers or lead conversions, grow brand reputation and increase sales.

Twitter marketing will need you following the same steps of the social marketing campaign you are currently implementing at work or at home.

Twitter users are considered smart audience by many mediums, which means you need to improve your twitter marketing efforts more than in other social media platforms.

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Create a Twitter profile

Username and name

The username for your Twitter profile should be appropriate and direct. This is because it will be part of the URL of your Twitter profile.

It will also be what your audience will mention in their tweets if they wish to engage with you! Usually, businesses on Twitter use their brand name as their username to make it straightforward and upfront.

The same with your name; it should also be directly stated on your account. Your business name will be seen in bold letters on top or beside your username. For example, the official handle of McDonald’s Twitter account is @McDonalds.

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Twitter bio

Your Twitter bio is a space where you can briefly explain your business or set a tag line. It only has 160 characters, so it’s best to use it wisely. Provide a clear and short description of what your brand is and what you stand for.

You can even add #hashtags that are related to your business. The #hashtags can help your account be reached fast when users look for it through the search bar.

Profile image and header photo

The profile image of your brand’s Twitter profile must look appealing and easy on the eye. For simplicity’s sake, you can use your brand’s logo on your profile.

Feature several products on your header photo as well. By doing so, you can make your Twitter profile look sleek and sharp.

Establish your brand voice

Your brand voice should be consistent and relatable. This is an essential part of marketing to help you build engagements with your ideal customers.

Moreover, it must align with your brand’s personality and communicate with your clients personally.

It should also convey your brand’s message and reflect the core values. This way, your audience will get an impression of your business’ objectives.

Additionally, don’t go overboard with following trends to remain relevant. You want to keep an authentic and positive reputation, not fast-paced fame.

Schedule your Tweets

Tweeting is not just about sharing your random ideas. To become consistent, you should start to schedule your tweets for an endless supply of content!

Organizing your content will allow you to have a smooth schedule with no delays. You can also use social media tools to arrange your posts and monitor your content’s engagement and performance. 

Be creative with your tweets. You can add images, gifs, and videos with a witty caption to advertise your events, sales, and new products!

Use Twitter hashtags

Twitter hashtags are one of the essential elements on Twitter. You can easily find the trending topics and related tweets by looking it up at the search bar. #hashtags also strengthen your brand identity and let you join conversations on Twitter.

Moreover, Tweets that contain relevant #hashtags receive twice the engagements compared to those without it. 

Take note that using a lot of hashtags in a single tweet will not increase your engagements. Appearance-wise, it will look cluttered and random, making it unappealing to read.

It will also spread out to odd search results so your target audience will have difficulties coming across your tweet.

Converse and engage with your audience

Want to converse with your audience? Tweet a question and see how it goes! Usually, striking a question gives your audience an open space to talk about your brand.

Meanwhile, your audience can also respond to one of your tweets or mention your Twitter profile. So, you should assign a manager to check if it’s appropriate to answer them.

Other than replying, there is also the option of liking, retweeting, and quoting tweets. With this, you can use these various actions to engage with your audience! 

Apply Twitter advertisements

Besides your organic content, you can also invest in paid content to help boost your engagements. Twitter Ads campaigns can help you build brand awareness, drive traffic to your website, and connect you to people.

They have over 20 format options to exhibit your media and content. These format options can be used interchangeably, so you won’t have to worry about having a mundane ad campaign.

Moreover, using three or more ad formats can help enhance the campaign awareness up to 20% and the audience’s willingness to buy to 7%.

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Keep hashtag use to a minimum (and use the right ones)

Tweets with a unique hashtag have 2x as much like a Facebook post. Tweets which contain more than two Twitter hashtags can lose 17% of their views.

Please choose one specific hashtag that you’re tweeting that’s helpful to your content. List the top popular hashtag in Twitter with the analytics.

Hashtagify suggests hashtags for keywords associated with the keywords you enter. RiteTag is another alternative that works similar to Hashtagified that works similar to the tool that analyses hashtag keywords you use in your tweet.

Use Twitter Analytics to know the best hashtags for all of your tweets and list your most popular.

Add images to tweets to increase retweets

Tweets with pictures also have a 99% uplift in views. Never use an image that isn’t related to your tweet just to add an image.

Use a tool like Canva to make a quick illustration like this image and send it with a tweet. Include video as often as possible to concentrate your efforts to capture a snapshot or a visual in the tweet.

Use a recent blog post with a URL to which people can get more information. If tweeting about new products or services, include an image about it.

Or you can even run a promotion where followers can receive discounts.