Most current internet users have heard of OnlyFans, but if you’re not familiar with it, this brief explanation should help fill you in.

OnlyFans is a platform that creators can use to produce various types of content and fans of that creator and their content can pay monthly subscriptions for membership.

The types of content creators offer on OnlyFans can include fitness guidance, the creation of art, commentary from popular YouTubers, exclusive Livestream content, and adult content.

The platform is similar to others that host exclusive photo and video content, but instead of free access and potential donation benefits, OnlyFans requires subscriptions so that creators get paid for the content they produce.

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how does onlyfans work

How does OnlyFans work?

OnlyFans is a paid content platform, so it works in a way that’s similar to platforms with the same subscription design.

A person looking to make money for the content they create can sign up for an OnlyFans account, then provide all of the verification information needed to activate the account.

From there, the creator takes photos, shoots videos, or records live content. After editing the content to their liking, the creator would then upload their photos and videos to their OnlyFans account.

Once the content is available, the creator can promote their account on other platforms so that fans of that creator visit OnlyFans and pay either monthly or yearly subscription fees.

This payment grants the fan access to the creator’s exclusive content. Subscription costs are determined by the creator, and after fans pay for membership, 80% of the revenue goes to the creator while the hosting platform receives the remaining 20%.

As time passes, the creator is expected to upload new content on a regular basis to keep fans engaged. This part of the process works just like any other platform that allows creators to generate revenue.

Bloggers have to continuously produce new content to keep readers interested. YouTubers have to post new videos according to the schedule they’ve set so that subscribers continue to watch them. In both cases, ads are the primary sources of revenue.

For OnlyFans creators, however, their income takes the form of fan subscriptions. The tip feature also allows subscribers to pay the creator an additional tip for content they’re particularly fond of.

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How does OnlyFans work for beginners?

As a beginner, making money on OnlyFans might not happen overnight, especially if the creator isn’t well-established on other platforms.

A well-known YouTube personality might see subscribers roll in relatively fast, but a creator who is just starting out might have a slow start until they’ve garnered enough attention.

The overall process is the same, though, regardless of whether the creator is new or well-known.

If you’re new to OnlyFans and you want to promote your content, increase your chances of being seen, and retain fans who subscribe to you, we’ll cover a few tips to help you out a little later in this article.

In the meantime, getting started on the right foot is crucial. For one, you’ll want to make sure your profile is eye-catching and accurately reflects the content you produce. Have a clear, high-quality profile photo and cover photo, and make sure your username and bio match the niche you’re operating in.

For aspiring creators who aren’t sure about the exact type of content they want to create, it’s worth exploring popular topics and finding a way to put a unique spin on the subject matter you choose.

Much of the content on OnlyFans is adult-themed, and popular formats include roleplaying content, nude photography, cosplay, BDSM exploration, couple-centered content, and fetish material (ex: foot content).

However, if you’re interested in promoting non-adult content, some subjects worth trying include art creation, fitness videos or guides, and photography.

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How do OnlyFans subscriptions work?

The most common subscription type on OnlyFans is the monthly or yearly type covered earlier. With this method, creators produce content that fans are able to access for a single monthly or yearly price (which the creator determines).

With this type, as long as fans keep their subscription active, they’re able to view any content on the creator’s profile.

However, there’s also a “free” account option some creators might prefer. With this option, creators can allow fans to browse their profile at no cost, but specific posts within the account can be hidden behind a paywall. It’s similar to pay-per-view content, meaning that fans pay to view the precise content they want to see.

After reaching the minimum withdrawal threshold ($20), creators can choose to withdraw their earnings weekly, monthly, or manually at any time.

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How OnlyFans works – summary

OnlyFans is a modern platform for online creators to share explicit content. Most creators are adult content creators and sex workers who sell sexually explicit content for a monthly subscription price to their fans.

Joining OnlyFans is fairly simple process and will not take much of your time. Each creator can create two OnlyFans accounts – one free account to hook fans’ attention and one subscription based account.

OnlyFans creators are not just sex workers and people who post explicit content.

However, many online sex workers decide to create an OnlyFans page due to its many benefits. Creators can also send direct messages to their fans, which usually tends to increase their earnings even more.

You create your own content, in your own pace and you can only spend 1-2 hours a day. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? OnlyFans is definitely one of the most popular mobile app platforms right now and I’m not wondering why.

The main benefit for most models is the OnlyFans subscription, which generates recurring stable revenue each month without a need to leave their apartment.

Some experts consider OnlyFans to be a social media platform with additional features and benefits. We already heard rumours that some of the biggest social media platforms consider supporting NSFW type of content for adult creators.

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Creator Tips

If you want to start generating income through OnlyFans, here are a couple of general tips to follow that are especially useful for new creators.

  • Be consistent with your upload schedule, whether you plan to upload content once a week, once every two weeks, or once a month.
  • Set reasonable subscription prices.
  • For your safety, don’t use your real, legal name when creating content.
  • Be honest and transparent about your content (ex: don’t intentionally mislead your subscribers with suggestive titles that don’t reflect the content you create).
  • Take time to get to know your audience so that you’re better able to produce material they value.
  • Keep your content fresh. While you should carve a niche for yourself, try to keep the photos and videos you produce unique and interesting each time.
  • Know your worth and don’t offer free subscriptions because a fan tries to inspire pity.
  • Don’t offer your OnlyFans content for free on other platforms. Your subscribers are paying for it, so keep it exclusive to them.

Finally, don’t expect success to fall into your lap immediately. It takes time to attract high-quality subscribers that will subscribe to you month after month.

However, even if things are looking bleak the first couple of months, don’t give up.

There’s always the option to adjust your content, collaborate with other creators to get your name out there, and find promotion methods that draw in fans that are interested in your precise content type.

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