Many artists make great music, but some don’t understand how to navigate the industry when marketing their creations.

It’s fairly difficult to make music from music independently, without promoting it online and getting it in front of your audience.

Appropriate music promotion allows you to expand your fan base and skyrocket your career.

While you may not have the financial muscle to push your marketing goals, the modern digital environment makes it easy to display your talent and reach a significant audience.

This guide outlines how you can promote your music in 2023 to go viral.

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How to promote music

Let’s take a look at specific ways how to promote your music in 2023 👇

Identify your goals

As you strategize on how to promote music, you may think of the bigger picture and where you want to be a few years later.

However, don’t forget about your starting point and what you need to do to achieve your vision. Identify your goals and design a plan to help you focus throughout the journey.

Think about popular musicians and what they do to promote music online. Whether using music video, streaming services, or social media influencers, your goal is to see impressive results.

Make great music first

One of the important ways to enter the music industry successfully is by making outstanding tracks. This will give you a solid starting before launching your marketing.

While it may seem like aggressive promotion is all you require to push you to the top, you need to focus on offering listeners your best to launch a successful campaign.

Use email marketing

An email list is one of the powerful tools for music promotions. It allows you to market your new tracks as soon as you release them.

Ensure your website has a user-friendly interface and a visible form prompting users to sign up for your marketing list.

During your live shows, display personalized sign-up sheets and give out flyers. Create a catchy message highlighting your music and offer benefits such as pre-sale access to your shows and discount codes.

This will help incentivize your email list. Email marketing is a great way to give your music updates, announce tour dates and promote new releases.

Incorporate exceptional music videos

Shooting a top-notch music video is one of the most reliable ways to stand out from the crowd and showcase your artistic skills. It will make it easy to sell your content on social media platforms and online marketplaces.

When releasing your music video, make it captivating for your target audience. Create out-of-box content by including a hook to capture the listeners’ attention.

If you don’t have enough resources, you can capture your live performances and edit them to make a unique video.

YouTube remains to be one of the best platforms on the internet to promote your music and solidify your music career. Several huge artists such as Shawn Mendes, Carly Rae Jepsen, and The Weeknd first got discovered on YouTube.

Even the biggest artists like Taylor Swift and BLACKPINK use YouTube to promote their music, so you can definitely use the platform to build your career.

Create a YouTube channel and use this to post music and promote your new songs. Share your YouTube videos on your social media accounts. Make sure to inform your viewers where they can listen to your songs.

Connect your other streaming platforms to your YouTube posts by adding links and other relevant details in your videos’ description.

Sign-up for music streaming services

Most reputable streaming services offer exclusive platforms for musicians. Whether you’re a new or well-known artist, you should create your profile on such networks. These platforms provide a broad range of perks and features.

They allow you to create your bio, view analytics, and add a profile image to ensure a customized experience.

Music lovers will find your content on these networks and probably share it, increasing your exposure.

Remember to upload your music to Apple music as the competition is way lower than on Spotify or any other platform.

Engage your target audience on social media platforms

As of January 2023, global social media users increased to 4.62 billion, meaning musicians can use social media platforms to market their content successfully.

You should develop and maintain consistency across the available networks to do this effectively. Snapchat, Facebook, Tiktok, and Twitter can help you reach your target audience and spread the word about your music.

When creating social media profiles, ensure they’re consistent to make it seamless for fans searching you online.

Marketing strategies on these platforms are dynamic, and you should research the latest trends to stay ahead of the competition.

Get featured on podcast

Podcasts are popular these days, and experts expect the trend to continue in 2023. Getting featured on podcasts is a sure-fire way to reach dedicated listeners and grow your audience.

The platform will likely attract fans who can resonate with your genre and may invest their time listening to your music and interviews. Podcasts allow you to actively connect to die-hard fans and individuals seeking new content.

It would help if you searched for a well-known podcast to attract a large audience. Before reaching out, ensure you prepare well for an extraordinary session.

While getting a podcast and interview preparation may seem daunting, it’s worth your time and investment.

Get press and blog coverage

Getting your music featured on publications such as webzines, niche blogs, and mainstream magazines can give you the credentials you need to advance your career.

You can hire a professional PR for your campaigns if you have the budget. Approach journalists and bloggers appropriately, and they’ll likely engage you.

The best way to do this is to create a press release with vital information about your music.There are plenty of music blogs that would be happy to promote your music and many of them even for free.

Music industry is fairly difficult to penetrate. Most independent artists will not make it due to the lack of business and marketing understanding. Music marketing is tabu for independent musicians and is literally killing their music careers.

Prevent killing your music career by promoting music online to reach a wide audience of music fans. Everyone loves listening to music, so take advantage of that.

Develop an electronic press kit

A digital resume contains essential information about you and your music career and offers the media, venue bookers, producers, agents, and record labels all they need to know.

This may include contact, videos, photos, bio, and upcoming gigs.

Connect with like-minded individuals

Connecting with other musicians and established social media influencers is an incredible way to promote online music, especially for a starter.

You can find them on relevant Twitter hashtags, Reddit forums, and Facebook groups. If you find a way to collaborate, it’s a win-win situation, and you can benefit from diverse markets.

Apart from making friends with other musicians, you should look for music influencers and find a way to gain from their audiences. These could be reputable YouTube content creators or people with a large following on Instagram and Tiktok.

Create a short video intro about your music and send it to a reviewer to feature you in one of their videos.

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Pitch to playlist curators

User-maintained public playlists can expose you to a wider audience. Getting one song on such lists can lead listeners to search for more of your music.

Focus on appropriate playlists for your genre to increase success odds.

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Reach a wider audience today with effective music promotion

Promoting your music online might seem challenging, but it shouldn’t be if you have proven music marketing strategies.

Today’s digital world makes it easy for independent artists to create great content and reach a global audience. Promote your music across several different social media channels and other platforms to reach your music fans.

You would be surprised how many people are specifically looking for new music as they are getting sick of listening to the same music over and over again. Therefore, you need to promote your music online and offline if possible.

Get some capital for your music promotion, set up your goals and structure your promotion in the most efficient way. Try, test and engage wherever and however you can.

At the end, you will definitely find what’s working and what’s not. You can then use those findings to get more fans follow you, gain important industry connections and build your music career.

You can partner with professionals to help you incentivize your music and grow a loyal fan base.

Check out our music promotion service and reach out to us for further information.