Did you know that Discord has around 390 million registered users?

Discord started out in 2015 as an answer to the growing demand for a platform for gamers.

Before Discord, there really wasn’t any social platform built for gaming. In fact, Skype was pretty much the best there was!

These days, Discord covers way more than gaming. Every niche micro community has at least one Discord server associated with it.

You may already use Discord, but have you considered a Discord side job? We’ll give you a quick guide on how to make money on Discord!

How to make money on Discord

How to make money on Discord?

Introducing a tip jar

As the internet matures, people are more inclined to donate to things they like. That begs the question: can you make money on Discord this way?

Introducing a tip jar to your Discord community is an easy way to let your members help you out. The nice thing about tip jars is they don’t give any pressure to donate. If people like your space, they’ll donate if they’ve got the money!

Now, there are a couple of different methods to choose from. We’ll give you a quick road map on Discord money making with tip jars. Complete with pros and cons!

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Using Discord directly

Using Discord bots and apps to accept donations is a user friendly option. When you have donation bots, it means that your users don’t have to leave Discord to donate. That makes it a lot more convenient for mobile users.

Unfortunately, the glaring con is that Discord takes a pretty hefty cut. The 30% cut leaves it so you’re only leaving with 70% of the possible earnings.

The 30% may sound like a lot, but it all goes towards the upkeep of the app. It’s also pretty standard within the industry.

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Aside from being Elon Musk’s first success story, PayPal is a secure way to accept online donations. It just requires a link and your donor also having an account. 

PayPal’s fee is small to non existent depending on when you want the money. If you need the money immediately, you’re looking at 1%. However, if you can wait 1-5 business days, there’s no fee!

Of course, the con for PayPal is that it may force your users to leave the app. It’s a minor inconvenience, but it can be a real pain for mobile users.

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Paid memberships

If you want, you can actually put your whole server behind a paywall. This is how to make money on Discord if you’ve already got a following. If you don’t already have a following, try putting parts of your server behind a paywall.

Growing your following on another platform makes for a much stronger Discord server. That said, you don’t need a huge following to make money!

Now, there are different ways to do this and a lot of it depends on your niche. The crucial thing, is that if you choose to put things behind a paywall, they should be worth it. You can’t have a paid server that sucks!

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If you’re a content creator, having a Discord server only for your patrons is a great way to build a community. This way, you can build a rapport with your patrons and give them some exclusive content.

If you want to make it worth it for your patrons, make sure to have events! These can be movie nights, game nights or competitions. These will give your patrons a reason to return to keep their notifications on.

You might already have a Discord and you just want to add patreon exclusive content. That’s okay to! You can have locked channels and patron only events on that server too!

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If you don’t want to go down the Patreon route, you can use LaunchPass to put up your paywall. This is best for anyone who might not want to make patreon exclusive content. This way, your server can be the focus.

It’s often easier to make your server worth the money when you can focus on it fully. Servers that use LaunchPass are usually focused more on expertise. 

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Affiliate links

We’ve all seen the sponsorships on youtube for VPNs and food delivery services. Did you ever think that you could have an affiliate link too? In fact, it’s surprisingly easy!

Affiliate links work by offering a discount to everyone who buys a product with your link. The kickback varies with different companies, but we’ll use Nord VPN as an example.  

Nord offers you 100% kickback when someone uses your code for a month. From there, you get 30% every time they renew. 

The other plans for 6-24 months will get you 40% initial kickback and then the same 30 upon renewal.

The key thing here, is that these affiliate links will give you an idea of how active your Discord is. If you’ve got a code, you’ll see every time it gets used. If you’ve got an active community willing to buy what you recommend, you’ll know it.

The best thing about affiliate links is that you can have them on multiple platforms. Put them in your linktree on TikTok or Instagram as well for best results!

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Run competitions

Who doesn’t love a gold old fashioned competition? This will offer you the least amount of online profit, but will be the most fun for your server members.

The competition can be anything you want! It could be a drawing or writing contest if that fits with your niche. If your niche is more focused on gaming, you could hold a gaming tournament. 

Tournaments are perfect for anyone who streams on Twitch. Make sure to stream the tournament to maximize the hype. This will also drive more people to your Discord!

How this one works is to charge a fee to enter the contest. That’s it! The prize options can vary but a gift card for Steam or Amazon is a good idea.

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Can I have more Discord servers?

Absolutely! Currently, there is a limit 100 Discord servers you can join. But there is no statement how many you can own. It might be worth trying to ask other Discord server owners, as they most likely own several servers.

Every Discord server owner’s goal is to have as many community members as possible, but that varies from industry to industry. Gaming community might be one of the best ones to work with even though the competition get tougher and tougher.

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Is it difficult to earn money on Discord?

You need to understand that it takes time to set it up at the beginning or outsource it to professionals.

You don’t need a degree to do that but you need to have an understanding how platform works and what the community members want to see.

By establishing and building your Discord server continuously over time, you will be able to earn money online from Discord.

If it generates a stable income, consider running other servers to have more revenue streams and earn even more money online.


Discord is an extremely unique social platform. It brings people from all over the world together! All to create diverse online communities.

Understanding discord and how to make money on Discord will give you a solid passive income. Get out there and make your server profitable!

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